Monday, April 1, 2013

The 60-60-60 Challenge :: Give Your Full 180 to SCORES!

April is National Poetry Month and we're celebrating with a brand new challenge for our supporters. 

Give your Full 180 to America SCORES Seattle by taking the 60-60-60 Challenge to read 60 poems for National Poetry Month, to walk 60 miles for yourself, and to raise 60 dollars for America SCORES Seattle!

Start fundraising now by joining our team on crowdrise :: Seattle SCORES' Full 180

All month long, to help you meet The Challenge, we’ll be posting poems written by our poet-athletes, videos of our supporters reading you a poem, and hiking resources for around Seattle, so be sure to check our blog often this month.  

Today's poems are from our 2013 America SCORES National Poetry Slam representatives:

Am I an Animal?
Juvanni P., age 11
Dunlap Elementary, Seattle

Am I an animal?
No. I’m a human.

Am I a cat going meow?
No. I’m a human speaking right now.

Am I a bird soaring up high?
No. I’m a human walking down on the ground.

Am I a snake with no arms to grab stuff?
No. I’m a human with arms to grab a tiny puff.

Am I a bear sleeping in the dark?
No. I’m a human waking up in the light.

Am I a wolf hunting to feed?
No. I’m a human buying food at Jolly Bee.

Am I a fish swimming for survival?
No. I’m a human running at the carnival.

Am I an animal?
No. I’m a human.

Hip Hop Weather
Samari A., age 10
Dunlap Elementary, Seattle

The sun beams around the clouds
Peaking to see if anyone’s paying attention
Am I bright enough to make a difference?
Do you see the sparkle in my eyes?
The rain pours down, hitting the ground like a boombox
Sadly the tears slide down my face
Reaching the pavement
And feeling the bass
Hip hop, tap, and rap
Feelin’ the need to step back
I never know when the weathers gonna to change
But I definitely know Hip Hop’s my name
My voice makes a sunset explode with colors
Red, blue, black and pink
My pen refills with ink
As time goes by, like an hour glass full of sand
The earth just stops with one musical command
Hip hop gives me inspiration to love each note
I write my rhythms and rhymes like a wrinkle in a time
From the west to the east to the north to the south
That’s what hip hop weather is all about

Today's video is from Coach Gallimore, Head Women's Soccer Coach at the University of Washington, who shares with you 'I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings', a poem by one of her favorite poets - Maya Angelou.

And if you're in West Seattle, here's a great hike to check out:

Lincoln Park – Waterfront Trail (West Seattle)
Located on the western edge of West Seattle, Lincoln Park offers 5 miles of trails, including a loop hike with bluff and beachfront views of Puget Sound, Vashon Island, and the Olympic Mountains. The park is family-friendly, with a wading pool, playground, bathroom facilities, ball fields, and multiple trail options.
Mileage:  2.14 miles from Fauntleroy Way SW Parking Lot (& Return)

Join the Seattle SCORES' Full 180 team, and share with your friends and family. #Full180

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