Thursday, April 18, 2013

The 60-60-60 Challenge :: Day Eighteen

The 60-60-60 Challenge to support America SCORES Seattle and celebrate National Poetry Month continues! 

Below are some resources to help you reach your goal of giving your Full 180 to America SCORES Seattle by taking the 60-60-60 Challenge to read 60 poems for National Poetry Month, to walk 60 miles for yourself, and to raise 60 dollars for America SCORES Seattle!

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Today was poem in your pocket day... did you carry a poem around with you?  Here are some written by our SCORES participants at Maple Elementary:

What Boys Smell Like
by Chaya H.

Boys smell like raw fish
dipped in full toilet.
Boys smell like dead rotten rodent
stuck in the middle of the street.
Boys smell like an elephant butt in a bucket of mud.
Boys also smell like sweaty feet, EWE!
Boys probably taste like a bucket full of dirt.

My Little Brother
by Erik G.

My little brother is whining- wah-wah-wah!
He wants to go to the bathroom- Boom!
My little brother stinks like a skunk- Pugh!
I leave to go to school -Phew!
I’m safe. Good bye. 

Who’s Afraid of the Dark?
by, Rabel, Joshua, Siua, Elone, Erik, Jose, and Gabriel

Click, click go the high heels
Mother is coming
Quick! Turn off the video games - r-r-r-oooom
Turn on the popcorn popper - pop,pop, pop
I hear thunder - Boom!
There goes the power - his-s-s-s!
Who’s afraid of the dark? Ahhhh!
Not me.

Today's video features SCORES Supporter Steve Kelley sharing a personal story about how poetry has impacted his life, as well as reading a poem by his all time favorite poet, Theodore Roethke:

Hike/Walk Resource
Map My Walk: Seattle


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