Saturday, April 20, 2013

The 60-60-60 Challenge :: Day Twenty

The 60-60-60 Challenge to support America SCORES Seattle and celebrate National Poetry Month continues! 

Below are some resources to help you reach your goal of giving your Full 180 to America SCORES Seattle by taking the 60-60-60 Challenge to read 60 poems for National Poetry Month, to walk 60 miles for yourself, and to raise 60 dollars for America SCORES Seattle!

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Today's poems are simile self portrait poems written by poet-athletes in the SCORES program at Dunlap Elementary during our 2011 Fall Season.

Simile Self Portrait Poem
by Errol S.

My hair is dark as the moon.
My eyes are brown as chocolate ice cream.
My arm is strong as a rhino.
My legs are wiggly as a frog.
My chin is hard as a rock.
My cheeks are soft as a pillow.
My neck is round as a circle.
My feet are smooth like a turtle shell.
My ears are shaped like a square.
My forehead is flat.
My mouth is hot as a fire.
My chest is hard as a boulder.
My hands are soft as a baby’s chin.
My stomach is hard as a tiny rock.
My back is flat as the wall. 

Simile Self Portrait 
by Juvanni P.

My hair is as spiky as a porcupine.
My head is as big as the moon.
My ears are as big as an elephant’s ears.
My nose is as long as a witch.
My mouth is as big as a whale. 

Simile Self Portrait 
by Tamar M.

My hair is as black as a hole.
My head is as big as a watermelon.
My neck is as short as an elf.
My chest is hard as a rock.
My stomach is as thin as a toothpick.

Simile Self Portrait
by Abdiriza A.

My hair is like big as a bush.
My eyes are like big as a ball.
My nose is like sharp as a knife.
My cheek is as soft as a marshmallow.

Today's video features current SCORES parent and support Charm S. reading her original untitled poem inspired by the SCORES program.

Hike/Walk Resource
Top Seattle Local Hikes


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