Thursday, August 20, 2015

All aboard The Magic SCORES Bus!

What exactly makes The SCORES Bus magic?

Busing provides unique opportunities that our 
Poet-Athletes otherwise would not have access to! 

These are just a few examples:

Game days! These are special days when our Poet-Athletes are bused to other schools to play each other. They have the chance to make new friends and engage with the Seattle community on a larger scale. 

Our annual poetry SLAM is another event during which we rely heavily on busing. During this event, Poet-Athletes have the opportunity to take the stage at Town Hall and share their work with friends, family and the community!

Not only does busing allow our Poet-Athletes to do amazing things, it also allows their families to become involved! Because many of our families have limited or no access to a vehicle, we encourage siblings and parents to join us on for the ride to game days and other important events. This way they are able to witness special moments like a child's first goal or time on stage! 

Maybe most important, riding the bus is an invaluable time for team building! The Positive Coaching Alliance has stated that, "Plain and simple, riding the bus improves team unity," (PCA, 2014). Belonging to a team plays a huge role in empowering our Poet-Athletes and time spent on the bus reinforces this essential aspect of SCORES culture!

Now you know what makes the SCORES Bus magic, 
help us make it possible!