Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SCORES mom featured in Seattle Times

Laura "Piece" Kelley-Jahn, a spoken-word artist and Seattle SCORES parent, continues to inspire with her poetry and was recently featured in the Seattle Times.

Click here to read the feature about this amazing artist, who has performed her work at SCORES poetry slams.

Mount View slams Yes We Can letters

Last week, our poet-athletes at Mount View wrote and slammed their Yes We Can letters, which we are sending to President Barack Obama.

Here's a shot of their Game Day performance.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring program moves to Mount View

Although snow canceled a day of soccer at Mount View this week, our poet-athletes had a great day of writing on Tuesday.

The boys participated in writing workshops that focus on community exploration, what it is to be a hero and wrote about how they can make changes in their community. They also drew shields to represent their good works.

The boys pose with their shields.

One "Agent of Good" crest, representing the kind of hero this poet-athlete would be: a recycling, planet saving hero.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Maple writes to the White House

Last week, SCORES poet-athletes at Maple Elementary worked together to write a letter based on Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" speech. They split into small groups and filled in parts of the speech based on their own ideas about what problems plague our communities.

The activity culminated on Friday's game day, where the students took turns reading passages from their letters and chanting "Yes we can!" in unison on the soccer field. SCORES staff collected their signatures and we plan to send the letters from every school to the White House.

Maple girls read their letter before the game.

Maple boys reading together.

Click here
to see more pictures from Spring, including Maple's game day.