Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Poem of the Week!

Today's Friday Poem of the Week is titled "This is Me" by Francesca H. of Highland Park Elementary. Great job Francesca!
This is Me
by: Francesca H, 3rd Grade
Highland Park Elementary

I am a friend that you want to meet.
I don’t cheat and I
sit in my seat
No one can make me a bad friend
Know our friendship will never end
I am a team player
strong and free
I will be the best I can be
as sweet as candy
as friendly as a flower
and I have power!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Poem of the Week!

Today's Friday Poem of the Week is titled "Who We Are" by Dunlap Elementary Girls Team. Great job Dunlap!

Who We Are

by: Dunlap Elementary Girls

We are awesome soccer players,
We always stick together
We try not to give up we don’t have to worry
Because we have each other
And we always get along
We are kind and never mean
We do the right thing
By helping our community
We are determined to be your everyday heroes
When we do poems we like to rhyme
And when we play soccer
We have a good time!

What we want is compassion between each other
Smiling kids having fun
Enough equipment for everyone
Respect is all we need
Together is how we can succeed
Peace and love is what we will receive

We promote positive social interaction
Teaching games, while having fun
Making sure there’s something for everyone
Finding things we have in common
Doing good things
To help each other get along

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

National Poetry Slam Poets Selected!

Maple Elementary Fifth Grader Tya Nguyen and Bailey Gatzert Elementary Fifth Grader William Watson will represent Seattle in the 6th Annual America SCORES National Poetry Slam! at the legendary Apollo Theater on April 16th 2012.

Tya and William were chosen out of twelve impressive finalists. Tya’s poem “When I Close My Eyes”is a beautiful piece dedicated to her father who passed away, while William’s poem “My Pencil” powerfully describes how his pencil will be the key to his future success. For the next three months they will be perfecting these poems with help from their SCORES coaches, and practicing their performances over and over in front of parents, friends, and teachers.

The America SCORES National Poetry Slam! brings 30 elementary school poets from around the country together for a weekend in the Big Apple where they participate in teambuilding activities, poetry workshops, squeeze in some sightseeing, as well as rehearsals for the main event. On April 16th, SCORES poets will perform their original poetry from the stage of Harlem’s World Famous Apollo Theater in front of a large audience. After this monumental evening, SCORES students leave New York understanding the true power of their voice.

*Stay up to date with Tya and William’s trip to New York City and read their poetry on America SCORES Seattle’s blog!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

In honor of Valentine's Day here is a beautiful poem titled "What is Love?" by the Bailey Gatzert Girls team! What is Love?
by: Bailey Gatzert Girls Team

Love smells like a warm strawberry pie
Love tastes like sweet milk chocolate
Love feels like my mother’s good night kiss
Love is like a seed
You can’t force it to grow

I wonder, What is Love?
I ask, What is Love?

Love looks like the warm sun shining on me
Love tastes like zingy tomatoes
Love sounds like flower petals falling
Love looks like teammates working together

I wonder, What is Love?
I ask, What is Love?

Love feels like a soft furry blanket
Love looks like red hearts
Love seems like a brand new day
Love smells like red roses
Love tastes like fresh cherries falling from my tree

I wonder, What is Love?
I ask, What is Love?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Poem of the Week!

Today's Friday Poem of the Week is titled "Lock Up Your Meanness" by My V. of Dunlap Elementary. Great poem My!

Lock Up Your Meanness
by: My V. of Maple Elementary

When you lock up your meanness
The sun rolls high through the wide sapphire sky
and the cloud makes a smile

When you lock up your meanness
Your dreams can come true
Like you wanna be the main event and full attention
like no person was before!

When you lock up your meanness
You set free a happy and joyful
Emotion in your heart

When you lock up your meanness
Your friends will always be there for you
and it feels like you’re in a heavenly spot light

When you lock up your meanness
It feels great like a garden had burst into life
with happiness and joy

That’s what happens
when you lock up your meanness
And throw it away

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maple Elementary Wins a Washington Achievement Award!

Congratulations to SCORES school Maple Elementary for being awarded with a Washington Achievement Award! Maple was recognized by the Office of Superintendent of Public Administration and the State Board of Education for their Overall Excellence in Elementary Education. The Washington Achievement Award is highly selective and measures a school's continuous improvement over the course of several years.

Maple will be honored during a ceremony on April 25th at Mariner High School in Everett. Great job Maple!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Poem of the Week!

Today's Friday Poem of the Weeks titled "My Name Is" by Siua V. of Maple Elementary. Great job Siua!

My Name Is
by: Siua V. of Maple Elementary

My name is Siua
I am 9 years old
I was born in Tonga
It is located in the South Pacific

There are a lot of lizards there.
It is 30 hours by plane from here.

When I came to America,
I didn’t know anybody

Now I have many friends,
Especially my soccer teammates.