Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Poem of the Week!

Today's Friday Poem of the Week is titled "Who We Are" by Dunlap Elementary Girls Team. Great job Dunlap!

Who We Are

by: Dunlap Elementary Girls

We are awesome soccer players,
We always stick together
We try not to give up we don’t have to worry
Because we have each other
And we always get along
We are kind and never mean
We do the right thing
By helping our community
We are determined to be your everyday heroes
When we do poems we like to rhyme
And when we play soccer
We have a good time!

What we want is compassion between each other
Smiling kids having fun
Enough equipment for everyone
Respect is all we need
Together is how we can succeed
Peace and love is what we will receive

We promote positive social interaction
Teaching games, while having fun
Making sure there’s something for everyone
Finding things we have in common
Doing good things
To help each other get along


Becky said...

Bravo! Love the positivity! Kudos to the authors! :)

Wil Xepusoy said...

Great work, girls! You are going to do great things for our neighborhood this upcoming spring, I can tell.