Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Year's Day coffee at Kaladi Brothers Coffee - benefiting America SCORES Seattle

Join us on January 1st for a cup of coffee at Kaladi Brothers Coffee on Capitol Hill and benefit America SCORES Seattle!

Kaladi Brothers Coffee has a long-standing tradition of donating 100 percent of drink sales to local organizations on New Year's Day.  We are excited to be the beneficiary of this tradition for their Seattle cafĂ©.

Join us on New Year’s Day at Kaladi Brothers Coffee on Capitol Hill (517 East Pike St., Seattle).  They will be open from 8 am to 4 pm. 

Baristas volunteer their time and only work for tips while the company donates all drink sales on January 1st. The annual Kaladi Brothers New Year’s Day Giving effort is a program of Kaladi Kids, an employee-action program aimed at improving the lives of local teenagers and children.

Monday, November 26, 2012

10th Annual Poetry Slam!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Poem of the Week: Veterans Day

By Kaycee C., 3rd Grade, Maple Elementary School

Veterans are big and strong
They will march all along

Veterans fight for our safeness
They fight for their straightness

They fight from their heart
For us to have a good start

We’ll follow their lead
For us to succeed

Veterans War Poem
By Tetiana M., 5th Grade, Maple Elementary School

Bullets fly across the battle field,
as mines explode under the feet of unsuspecting men.
Hand grenades get tossed into the air.
Dirt, rocks and gun powder rise up.
Commands are flowing through in sound waves
Ears go deaf as shocking sounds appear close.
Beads of sweat run down their faces.
Vision blurs as little bits of debris sting their eyes.
Screams burst into the air as one by one, each man falls.
The last enemy dies, victory shouts into the open sky
We have prevailed.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Buy Books at Barnes & Noble, and Support America SCORES Seattle!

Barnes & Noble Bookfair supporting America SCORES Seattle
Sunday November 4th through Saturday November 10th

America SCORES Seattle will be the beneficiary of a Barnes & Noble Bookfair from Sunday November 4th through Saturday November 10th.  Shop online or in person at any Barnes & Noble store and specify SCORES Bookfair voucher number 10862225 to donate a percentage of your purchase to America SCORES Seattle.

America SCORES Seattle kicks off our Barnes & Noble Bookfair with a performance by our America SCORES Poet-Athletes and Seattle Sounder Andrew Duran!

Sunday, November 4th at 4 pm
Barnes & Noble Downtown
600 Pine Street, Suite 107
Seattle, WA 98101

Join America SCORES Seattle this Sunday, November 4th, at 4 pm at the Pacific Place Barnes & Noble for a performance of original poems written by a selection of our America SCORES Seattle Poet-Athletes.

Following their performance, Seattle Sounder rookie Andrew Duran will be reading his favorite inspirational stories and poems!


Join us in the Children's Book Section of the Pacific Place Barnes & Noble this Sunday at 
4 pm for an afternoon of poetry and stories to entertain and inspire!


This Sunday's performance will be our poet-athletes first public performances leading up to their team performances later this month at Town Hall Seattle on November 30th in America SCORES Seattle's annual Community Poetry Slam.  This event is part of the selection process for an opportunity to represent America SCORES Seattle this coming April in New York City at the America SCORES National Poetry SLAM!

Can't attend our event on Sunday?

A percentage of purchases made in-person or online at during the week of November 4th will be donated to America SCORES Seattle.  
You must present the voucher below or enter our 
Bookfair ID 10862225 during online checkout.   
Valid from 11/4/2012 to 11/10/2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from the Boys' Team at Roxhill Elementary

OK, if you are reading this,
Turn off all the lights
Close curtains and read at night.
Do you want to hear something scary?
No, not wolves, not bears.
Not anything hairy.
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary (boo!)
That was so scary!
-            - Shay (4th grade)

Believe it or not, that’s my name
Bumping into people walking
Pass a black cat
Carrying my candy
Although it is all made of dairy
I just said Bloody Mary
-          -  Kenny N. (5th grade)

The haunted house
Is super scary
When you look at it
You see Bloody Mary
When you look at the window
You see fairies
They are hairy
Look at their hands
There’s poison berries
They look like Katy Perry
-          -  Ja’Vaughn (5th grade) and Javier (3rd grade)

The moon is so small on Halloween
It looks like a spoon up in the dark sky
I see black dogs barking to people on Halloween
I see a person biting a black dog on Halloween
I see people crying after getting out of haunted houses
-        -   Luis (5th grade)

OK, if you guys are about to read this,
Turn off the lights,
Shut the curtains,
And read it at night.
The witches and souls rising in Halloween
Jack o’lanterns stalking you
Blood sprouting
People stealing candy from children
Zombies rising from tombstones
Bloody Mary scratching.
-        -   German (4th grade)

Kids go trick or treat
Candy drop into bag
Plop, plop, plop
-         -  Brian (4th grade)

On Halloween night
Vampires and mummies are scaring kids
Blood dripping down his teeth
Then came Chucky
Chucky killed the vampires and mummies
Then Chucky went to the bathroom
And when he entered
Bloody Mary popped up
Chucky screamed
-          -  Donovan (4th grade)

 SCORES Spring 2012 Roxhill Service 2012_05-19 006 - logo

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Great America SCORES Soccer Dribble!

The Seattle Super Soccer Dribble joins 
The Great America SCORES Soccer Dribble
An Official Guinness World Records attempt 
for the most people dribbling a soccer ball simultaneously

America SCORES Seattle is excited to announce the Seattle Super Soccer Dribble is joining forces with ten other America SCORES cities in The Great America SCORES Soccer Dribble - a national team effort to break the Guinness World Record for the most people dribbling a soccer ball at the same time.  Dribble participants in each city will combine their efforts by conducting the Dribble simultaneously across the country!

On September 29th, join 3,000+ of your closest friends around the country to break the Guinness World Record for the most soccer balls ever dribbled at the same time!

Note:  Originally scheduled for late August, the Seattle Super Soccer Dribble is partnering with the America SCORES affiliate network to participate in The Great America SCORES Soccer Dribble on September 29, 2012.

America SCORES St. Louis made history last year at the first annual Great St. Louis Soccer Dribble, when 428 soccer dribblers came together to set a Guinness World Record for a good cause, benefiting our SCORES youth.

But the United Nations has defeated their record with 2,068 dribblers in the Gaza Strip. To break this new world record, America SCORES St. Louis has called upon America SCORES sites across the country to synchronize their soccer dribble time and take back the record. Participating cities include Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, LA, Milwaukee, New York, Portland, Seattle and St. Louis.

When:  Saturday September 29 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM PDT 
Where:  Championship Field at Seattle University

(The first 400 registered are guarantee to receive an event soccer ball and t-shirt)

Your $25 Registration Fee Includes:
  •  World Record Participation
  •  Official event soccer ball 
  •  Official event t-shirt 
  •  Entry into a drawing for a framed signed Seattle Sounders FC jersey
  •  Participation in all event festivities

All proceeds from this event in Seattle benefit America SCORES Seattle.  Our nonprofit youth development program has engaged over 2,600 urban Seattle youth in soccer, creative writing, and service-learning at public elementary schools since 2002.
Now's your chance to be a part of the history and become a World Record Holder!

Register online at:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sounders Guest Bartender fundraiser another success!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Sounders Guest Bartender fundraiser last night!  It was a wonderfully successful event at a great new space in Ballard! 

A special thank you to Seattle Sounders players Marc Burch, Mike Seamon, Bryan Meredith and Andrew Weber for jumping behind the bar to serve drinks, and when not behind the bar, for mingling with the crowd, signing autographs, and accepting every challenge to play darts. 

Thank you also to Ballard Station Public House for hosting us, and to Emerald City Beer Company and Proletariat Wine Company for their generous donations to our event.
Emerald City Beer Company

Proletariat Wine Company

On behalf of our 260 k-5th grade poet-athletes, we’d like to give an especially huge thank you to our supporters for your continued support. We could not continue to provide our unique program to high-need communities in the Seattle Public Schools without you!

Guiness World Record

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                           
August 15, 2012

Seattle Sounders FC team with America SCORES Seattle to break world record.

10 cities. 3000+ dribblers. One world record.

September 29th at 2PM @ Seattle University.

Seattle, WA - Over the past month, the world watched in awe as the world’s best athletes broke record after record at the 2012 London Olympic Games. While the Games may indeed have ended, the opportunity to break yet another world record beckons…this time to anyone living in Seattle or any of the 10 America SCORES cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York, Portland, San Francisco and St. Louis.

The Great America SCORES Soccer Dribble is a national event that’s being coordinated locally by America SCORES Seattle.  SCORES supporters will be joining forces with other America SCORES cities to break the Guinness World Record for the number of people dribbling a soccer ball at the same time. The current record is 2,068 set by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in the Gaza Strip.

The attempt will be made at Seattle University on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 from 2 – 4 PM. Participants will receive a new soccer ball, an event t-shirt, a chance to win a Sounders FC autographed team jersey and a skills demonstration with Seattle University men’s soccer players.  Fun activities are planned for the whole family.

All funds raised from this record breaking event will benefit America Scores Seattle, a nonprofit that helps underserved elementary school students with programs combing soccer, literacy and service learning.

Carole Kelley
T. 206.988.1000

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


For all the doubters out there, in the co-ed division…Team Seattle Sounders played even better without their celebrity aces Taylor Graham and Ezra. Perhaps with a point or two to prove or maybe it had something to do with having home field advantage, Team Sounders got down to business and did what they do soccer. They went ahead and beat Team Costco 4-1. Costco without a few of their key players held on bravely, goal keeper Dan Juel notably making a number of key saves to keep them in the game but in a team sport such as soccer - one man an army does not make, and ultimately Team Costco succumbed to the Sounders offensive attacks.


Meanwhile in the men’s division, Microsoft Red met a spirited Starbucks side that played very well, the game was deadlocked till about half-time with very few chances for either teams...with the pace of the game slowing down in the heat, exuberant Microsoft team manager away on other business, the potential for the game to go to PKs loomed. It took a stunning long range effort from deserved Golden Boot Trophy winner Christopher Stevens of Microsoft Red to break open the game. Subsequently in quick succession Microsoft Red’s superior scoring prowess powered through and the score ended up 3-0.


It’s said defense wins games and goals wins championships…and with 6 splendid goals from Christopher Stevens, player jersey #16 did indeed make it possible for Team Microsoft Red to become the Annual Seattle SCORES Cup 2012 men’s champions. Chris’s 6 goals earned him the Winner of the Golden Boot Trophy.


And finally from us here at Team Scores we wish to thank you for your participation, your continued support and for making this a fun event.

We do look forward to see you all again next year. More fun, more teams, more charity.

Dates for the 2013 Seattle SCORES Cup to be posted here soon...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Poem of the Week Returns!

It has been a few weeks (or months) since our last Friday Poem of the Week post.  To make up for the wait, here is a batch written by the Highland Park SCORES Girls Team last spring for their community service-learning project:

Highland Park Elementary School
SCORES Girls Team, Spring Season 2012
Poems written for their Service-Learning Project: 
Be Cool, Help Clean the School!

Pick Up Trash
by: Clara B.

Be cool clean the school.
Speak out loud and be proud.
So pick up trash and you’ll have a bash.
Your almost there so don’t be scared.
Tell some kids to do the same and
your world won’t be lame.

Trash oh Trash!
by: Anonymous

Trash oh trash!
That is me! I am the trash on the ground,
please pick me up – you see.
I have been here sitting waiting for you.
I hate it here you see,
So pick me up so I can be free.

by: Hana N.

Garbage on the ground,
how ugly can you be.
We need you not to be,
so please
let the world be clean.

Pick Up Trash, FAST!!!
By: Lydiana M.

Please, please pick up your space
All we need is to see are wonderful school today!
Pick up the litter,
pick up the trash.
Please pick up something really fast!

Garbage on the Ground
by: Vicki L.

Oh garbage on the ground,
how crazy that sounds.
Make our school beautiful,
make our school neat.
By picking up litter and throwing it away.

Just Clean!
By: Laura A.

Be clean and
don’t be so mean
to our world.
Be neat and
we can help clean.
So help out school and be cool!

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Chase for the Golden Boot

Despite the appearance of modern soccer being the ultimate team sports…defenders launching the base of the attack…attacking players falling back to fill vacated spaces to play defense, the team as a whole defending and attacking at the same time. Very much like the current World and European Cup champions Spain - a team of midfielders playing all over the field. One could be forgiven to assume a potential lack for any individual glory in the sport.

But Nay! Not if any of these contending players have anything to do with it. Philosophical debates aside. These contending players would strongly disagree. Their hunger for goals would betray their ideals. The spotlight, the trophy, the glory….all right there to be had.
There's a new battle brewing. The chase for the Golden Boot Trophy.

Check out...who all are in the running.

Golden Boot
4 Christopher Stevens #16 Microsoft Beadle
2 Justin Tilley #24 Costco
2 Adrian Mays #7 Starbucks
2 Arne Klubberud #9 Starbucks
1 Chuck Nwordu #8 Costco
1 Jessie Boltjes #14 Costco
1 Mamadou Mbodji #3 Costco
1 Eli Williams #5 Microsoft Beadle
1 Eric Scheffler #2 Microsoft Beadle
1 Per Famx #41 Microsoft Beadle
1 Christine Sowers #7 Seattle Sounders
1 Christopher Nichols #12 Starbucks
1 Harvey Rojas Mora #16 Starbucks
1 Max Stan #2 Starbucks

Monday, July 23, 2012

Seattle SCORES Cup Soccer Tournament

Final standings of the Seattle SCORES Cup Soccer Tournament and the draw for the finals on August 5th at CenturyLink Stadium.

Puget Sound Energy PSE 6 Microsoft Beadle 6 Seattle Sounders 6
Microsoft Dao 3 Starbucks 3 Costco 3
Russell Investments 0 UPS 0 Microsoft 0
Aug. 5th, CenturyLink Field
Seattle Sounders   Vs.   Costco 10:45 AM
Microsoft Red Vs. Starbucks 12:45 AM

Seattle SCORES Cup Soccer Tournament

Tournament results of Seattle SCORES Cup from over the weekend.

Saturday, July 21
Group Home Vs. Away SCORES
Men's Group A Microsoft Dao Vs. Russell 3 : 1
Men's Group B Microsoft Beadle Vs. Starbucks 2 : 0
Co-Ed Sounders Vs. Costco 4 : 2
Men's Group A PSE Vs. Microsoft Dao 1 : 0
Men's Group B Starbucks Vs. UPS 1 : 0
Co-Ed Costco Vs. Microsoft 1 : 0
Sunday, July 22
Group Home Vs. Away
Men's Group A Russell Vs. PSE 0 : 1
Men's Group B UPS Vs. Microsoft Beadle 2 : 6
Co-Ed Microsoft Vs. Sounders 0 : 2
Semi-Finals A PSE (Group A 1st) Vs. Starbucks (Group B 2nd) 4 : 6
Semi-Finals Co-Ed Costco (Co-Ed 2nd) Vs. Microsoft Blue (Co-Ed 3rd) 1:1 (5:3)
Semi-Finals B Microsoft Red (Group B 1st) Vs. Microsoft Orange (Group A 2nd) 1 : 0
5th - 6th Place Russell (Group A 3rd) Vs. UPS (Group B 3rd) Forfeit

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012 Tin Cup Chalice Golf Tournament

Fourteenth Annual
Tin Cup Chalice Golf Tournament
Saturday, July 28, 2012
 1:30 Shotgun Start

The Parrot Heads of Puget Sound (PHoPS), in association with North Shore Golf Course, Tacoma, are pleased to announce their fourteenth annual charity golf tournament on Saturday, July 28th, 2012. 
Proceeds from the tournament will benefit America SCORES Seattle! 
The tournament will be followed by live music by The Dave Roberts Band!
More information and entry form:
(registration in advance is required)

Come join the Parrot Heads if Puget Sound for a fun time! The tournament is a best ball scramble. You don't have up be a golfer to come. There's a party at the clubhouse after the golf and a silent auction with plenty of great prizes to win! 

North Shore Golf Course

North Shore Golf Course, located in northeast Tacoma, has been operated since 1961 by Jim Bourne, Director of Golf. Jim, a former PGA touring pro, is a member of the PGA Northwest Section Hall of Fame. Other key personnel include David Wetli, Head PGA Golf Professional; Dawn Dempsey, Pro Shop Manager; Dani Fafnis, On-The-Greens Food & Beverage Director; and Larry and Bob Proctor, Greens Superintendents. North Shore is involved year around with community service and charitable concerns. Again this year, we welcome our Parrot Head friends to help raise money for Sound Experience and America SCORES Seattle!  Our website is:

Seattle Scores Cup Soccer Tournament Schedule

Updated 7/11/2012

Saturday, July 21
Group Date  Time Field Home Vs. Away
Men's Group A 21-Jul 9:00 AM Field 2 Microsoft Dao   Russell
Men's Group B 21-Jul 10:30 AM Field 2 Microsoft Beadle   Starbucks
Co-Ed 21-Jul 12:00 PM Field 2 Sounders   Costco
Men's Group A 21-Jul 1:30 PM Field 2 PSE   Microsoft Dao
Men's Group B 21-Jul 3:00 PM Field 2 Starbucks   UPS
Co-Ed 21-Jul 4:30 PM Field 2 Costco   Microsoft
Sunday, July 22
Group Date  Time Field Home Vs. Away
Men's Group A 22-Jul 9:00 AM Field 5 Russell   PSE
Men's Group B 22-Jul 10:30 AM Field 5 UPS   Microsoft Beadle
Co-Ed 22-Jul 12:00 PM Field 5 Microsoft   Sounders
Semi-Finals A 22-Jul 1:30 PM Field 5 Group A 1st Group B 2nd
Semi-Finals Co-Ed 22-Jul 3:00 PM Field 5 Co-Ed 2nd   Co-Ed 3rd
Semi-Finals B 22-Jul 4:30 PM Field 5 Group B 1st Group A 2nd
5th - 6th Place 22-Jul 6:00 PM Field 5 Group A 3rd Group B 3rd
Sunday, August 5
Group Date  Time Field Home Vs. Away
Co-Ed 5-Aug 10:45 AM Xbox Pitch Co-Ed 1st   Winner Semi-Final Co-Ed
Mens 5-Aug 12:45 AM Xbox Pitch Winner Semi-Final A Winner Semi-Final B