Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sounders Guest Bartender fundraiser another success!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Sounders Guest Bartender fundraiser last night!  It was a wonderfully successful event at a great new space in Ballard! 

A special thank you to Seattle Sounders players Marc Burch, Mike Seamon, Bryan Meredith and Andrew Weber for jumping behind the bar to serve drinks, and when not behind the bar, for mingling with the crowd, signing autographs, and accepting every challenge to play darts. 

Thank you also to Ballard Station Public House for hosting us, and to Emerald City Beer Company and Proletariat Wine Company for their generous donations to our event.
Emerald City Beer Company

Proletariat Wine Company

On behalf of our 260 k-5th grade poet-athletes, we’d like to give an especially huge thank you to our supporters for your continued support. We could not continue to provide our unique program to high-need communities in the Seattle Public Schools without you!

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