Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Def. Team·work /ˈtēmˌwərk/ noun -- (JR SCORES with the inside scoop!)


What is your definition of teamwork? Our JR SCORES Poet-Athletes have some ideas on the matter. Check out these amazing Teamwork Crests created by our Dunlap JR SCORES Teams:

Being Nice
Passing the ball
Picking Teammates up when they fall
Saying "Good Try"
Congratulating the opposing team
"Thank You" and "You're Welcome"
Listening to each other
Sharing in the Classroom 
(just like they are demonstrating below)

Keep up the sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork and creativity JR SCORES!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

SCORES Version K-2.0 -- JR SCORES

The winter weather can be frightful, 
but SCORES is so delightful, 
As long as there's time in the day,
Let us play, let us play, let us play!

We are excited to announce that our Junior SCORES Program is now underway at all our SCORES' Elementary Schools. Junior SCORES is offered for slightly smaller teams, in number and in size, made up of Kindergarten through Second Grade students and is enjoyed two afternoons a week by our new initiates! They are tackling soccer balls and poetry just like our regular season "Senior" SCORES teams but in this cold and wet winter season they stay inside the gym. Indoor soccer makes for endless running-- lots of sweat and smiles!

We caught up with one JR SCORES group at Dunlap Elementary
Coach Blair helped her players with dribbling techniques,

 they practiced juggling, 

 and trapping the ball.
Keep up the great work Dunlap!

*     *     *

 We also had the privilege of meeting some of the Highland Park team at practice
Warm ups with Coach Andy look like a lot of fun

Look at that control while dribbling!

       An open interpretation of "heading the soccer ball" :)

It's setting up to be a great Winter JR SCORES Season!

*     *     *

Check back soon and see what the Dunlap JR SCORES has to teach us about teamwork
with thoughtful work on their Teamwork Crests!