Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Poem of the Week

Every Friday we will be showcasing our poem of the week. These poems will be original pieces from our SCORES poet-athletes!


By: Linda Age: 8
Bailey Gatzert Elementary

When I trust
That all the rust
Mixed with the Dust
Will be enough

I care and share and trust
I must
That is the SCORES way

I trust the land of vanishing times
And the water that swells in a special rime

I trust the worlds of peace and love
The middle of the Universe
And the stars above

My teachers, coaches, poems
Things I trust

I believe in soccer
And also I must

I am free when I find my own path
Comes from my poems
Some about math

A mailman trusts her letters and a librarian believes in her books
Trust travels around me
I am all shook
Trust is me and in you

A tiny piece of paper spotted by me
When I pick it up I scribble what I trusted in
A poem of things I trusted in

My emotion is happy
Others are sad
But when they trust
They don’t feel so bad
Some are greedy
Others are kind
But all should trust
Even the blind

Beyond me lies the horizon
The things I believe in
The worlds of peace, compassion, love

Now I know what you are thinking- This must be Langston Hughes or Walt Whitman... But no! It was written by Linda, a 3rd Grader from Bailey Gatzert Elementary! Way to go Linda!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poets Have Been Selected for the National Poetry Slam

Maple Elementary fifth-graders Alejandro C (10) and Anh T (11) have been selected to represent America SCORES Seattle at the National Poetry Slam in New York City! Alejandro and Anh will depart for their all-expense-paid trip to the Big Apple on April 9th, where they will perform their original poetry at the legendary Apollo Theater! However, for the next three months they will have to work hard perfecting and practicing their poems with the help of their SCORES coaches, parents, friends, and teachers. Congratulations Alejandro and Anh!

A special congratulations to all of our city finalists! You guy made our decision incredibly hard and should be proud of what you have achieved!

Here are Alejandro & Anh's audition videos:

Perfect Crush


by: Anh T, 11, Maple Elementary

I Am

By: Alejandro C, 10, Maple Elementary

Thursday, January 20, 2011

National Slam Auditions Have Begun!

The 2011 America SCORES National Slam auditions have begun! One boy and one girl from the SCORES program will be sent on an all-expense-paid trip to New York City to perform their original poetry live at the famous Apollo Theater! Of course, our students are incredibly excited and here are some clips of their amazing auditions:

Najaha from Highland Park is an awesome poet!

Maple Elementary 5th grader Alejandro is not just an awesome soccer player- but an amazing poet too!

Ruth from Dunlap Elementary is dreaming of The Big Apple!

8 year-old Linda from Bailey Gatzert performs a beautiful poem that any adult would have been proud to write!

Winners and runners-up which should be announced early next week!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Pros Vs Kids" Soccer Tennis Game to Benefit SCORES!

Saturday January 15th 12-2pm STARFIRE SPORTS

Here's a chance of a lifetime to gift your child with the opportunity to meet and compete against the Seattle Sounders.

Imagine your kid taking center field VIP style in front of hundreds of onlookers to go head to head with or against Taylor Graham, Roger Levesque, Tyson Wahl, and others to be announced soon in a soccer tennis competition. Talk about bragging rights!

Watch their faces glow with excitement as they take pictures with them, get their autographs, give them a high five AND then play against or with their favorite players!

This bidding is for kids only to play against the pro's, open to boys and girls 8 -18 years of age. Bidding starts at $100 for each time slot, which includes meeting the pros, taking a picture, and challenging them to a soccer tennis tournament!

There are only 10 time slots available for making this dream a reality. Come bid online for your chance to make your child's 2011 start off with a bang!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Steve Zakuani's Birthday Party To Benefit SCORES

Happy New Year to Everyone!
January 21st will be Sounders FC star Steve Zakuani's Birthday Party! The party is from 8pm to 11:30pm at the Vera Project and will feature live hip-hop acts, a DJ, Sounders Players, and a raffle and silent auction with tons of Sounders memorabilia. The proceeds will benefit America SCORES Seattle and Steve Zakuani's Kingdom Hope!

More information on the event can be found HERE
Tickets can be purchased in advance HERE