Friday, April 29, 2011


Today's Friday Poem of the Week is titled "Black" by Jessica of Bailey Gatzert Elementary! Way to go Jessica!

By: Jessica Age: 10
Bailey Gatzert Elementary

Black sounds like the scream of a surprised raccoon
Black is the color of eyes of an evil spirit that cannot rest in peace
Black is like a mysterious color that runs around non-stop
Black in my own eyes staring in the mirror looking back
Black leaves with reddish and greenish
The black sky with no stars looking back at me.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Not only is today the best day of the week, but it is also EARTH DAY! Everyone should go outside, enjoy the weather, and do something "green"- like plant a tree, start a garden, or SUPPORT THE SOUNDERS!!

Here are a few special earth-related poems for this awesome day!


by: Phung L. of Highland Park Elementary

Darkness descending over the evening sun
Fleeing birds wanting to rest
Gazing at its beauty
Colorless clouds above

by Lucy W. of Highland Park Elementary

Rain hit my window
So loud I can’t concentrate
I hate getting wet.


by Jaida M. of Highland Park Elementary

Snowflakes are falling.
They are like white birds flying.
Snowflakes are so soft.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Poem of the Week!

Today's Friday Poem of the Week is titled "Hope & Hopeless" by Samaya of Bailey Gatzert Elementary. Way to go Samaya!

Hope & Hopeless
by: Samaya of Bailey Gatzert Elementary

I am the earth
It is a really sad job
Everyday people die on me
I feel their teardrops
I am the bright blue sky
I look down and see eyes
I am classroom full of children ready to learn
I am a girl sad and hopeless
Hoping that someday someone will fulfill my wishes and dreams
Hoping that one-day I will go to a perfect world
But I know in my heart there is no perfect world
Where you could get whatever you want
It’s just a dream
I could dream all I want but I know it won’t come true
Deep down I know I should be happy with all I have
But I want more
When I think more I end up with nothing…

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Slam Recap!

Here is a great article recapping Tuesday's National Poetry Slam at the Apollo Theater!
Check it out here!

Monday, April 11, 2011

National Poetry Slam Has Arrived!

The day has finally arrived! Tonight is the National Poetry Slam! Anh and Alejandro from Maple Elementary have flown to New York City, accompanied by their coach Trevor Stevenson, to perform their original poetry tonight LIVE AT THE LEGENDARY APOLLO THEATER! They are already having a blast in the Big Apple- playing soccer in Central Park, hanging out with other SCORES poet-atheletes from around the country, and eating some awesome New York pizza! We are positive that Anh and Alejandro will do a great job tonight and continue to have fun for the remainder of their trip! Go get em' Anh and Alejandro!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Poem of the Week!

Today's Friday Poem of the Week is titled "I Am" by Justin L. of Maple Elementary! Nice job Justin!

I Am
by: Justin L of Maple Elementary

I am a mountain
I am millions of ice
I am breezy
I am cold enough to freeze the world
I am the world
I am to be strong and tall
I am all that I just wrote.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SCORES Spring Season Begins!

Monday was the first day of SCORES Spring 2011 season! The teams are buzzing with excitement to get back on the soccer field and to hang out with their teammates after school. This season SCORES teams will also be working on a community service project which they plan and implement as a team. The spring season will culminate with the College Kicks event, where all SCORES teams go to a local college to play soccer, get a tour of the campus, and interview college kids! So much to look forward to this season! Let's have some fun!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Poem of the Week!

Today's Friday Poem of the Week is titled "My Big Words" by Martino T. of Highland Park Elementary. What an awesome poem, Martino!

My Big Words

By Martino T. of Highland Park Elementary

My big words are BIG!
They are powerful.
More powerful than the Darth Vader building.
My words are strong.
Strong like God.
Stronger than mankind!
My words are big!
My words are “love”!


Have a great weekend!