Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Poem of the Week!

Today's Friday Poem of the Week is titled "Hope & Hopeless" by Samaya of Bailey Gatzert Elementary. Way to go Samaya!

Hope & Hopeless
by: Samaya of Bailey Gatzert Elementary

I am the earth
It is a really sad job
Everyday people die on me
I feel their teardrops
I am the bright blue sky
I look down and see eyes
I am classroom full of children ready to learn
I am a girl sad and hopeless
Hoping that someday someone will fulfill my wishes and dreams
Hoping that one-day I will go to a perfect world
But I know in my heart there is no perfect world
Where you could get whatever you want
It’s just a dream
I could dream all I want but I know it won’t come true
Deep down I know I should be happy with all I have
But I want more
When I think more I end up with nothing…

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