Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Poem of the Week Returns!

It has been a few weeks (or months) since our last Friday Poem of the Week post.  To make up for the wait, here is a batch written by the Highland Park SCORES Girls Team last spring for their community service-learning project:

Highland Park Elementary School
SCORES Girls Team, Spring Season 2012
Poems written for their Service-Learning Project: 
Be Cool, Help Clean the School!

Pick Up Trash
by: Clara B.

Be cool clean the school.
Speak out loud and be proud.
So pick up trash and you’ll have a bash.
Your almost there so don’t be scared.
Tell some kids to do the same and
your world won’t be lame.

Trash oh Trash!
by: Anonymous

Trash oh trash!
That is me! I am the trash on the ground,
please pick me up – you see.
I have been here sitting waiting for you.
I hate it here you see,
So pick me up so I can be free.

by: Hana N.

Garbage on the ground,
how ugly can you be.
We need you not to be,
so please
let the world be clean.

Pick Up Trash, FAST!!!
By: Lydiana M.

Please, please pick up your space
All we need is to see are wonderful school today!
Pick up the litter,
pick up the trash.
Please pick up something really fast!

Garbage on the Ground
by: Vicki L.

Oh garbage on the ground,
how crazy that sounds.
Make our school beautiful,
make our school neat.
By picking up litter and throwing it away.

Just Clean!
By: Laura A.

Be clean and
don’t be so mean
to our world.
Be neat and
we can help clean.
So help out school and be cool!

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