Monday, July 30, 2012

The Chase for the Golden Boot

Despite the appearance of modern soccer being the ultimate team sports…defenders launching the base of the attack…attacking players falling back to fill vacated spaces to play defense, the team as a whole defending and attacking at the same time. Very much like the current World and European Cup champions Spain - a team of midfielders playing all over the field. One could be forgiven to assume a potential lack for any individual glory in the sport.

But Nay! Not if any of these contending players have anything to do with it. Philosophical debates aside. These contending players would strongly disagree. Their hunger for goals would betray their ideals. The spotlight, the trophy, the glory….all right there to be had.
There's a new battle brewing. The chase for the Golden Boot Trophy.

Check out...who all are in the running.

Golden Boot
4 Christopher Stevens #16 Microsoft Beadle
2 Justin Tilley #24 Costco
2 Adrian Mays #7 Starbucks
2 Arne Klubberud #9 Starbucks
1 Chuck Nwordu #8 Costco
1 Jessie Boltjes #14 Costco
1 Mamadou Mbodji #3 Costco
1 Eli Williams #5 Microsoft Beadle
1 Eric Scheffler #2 Microsoft Beadle
1 Per Famx #41 Microsoft Beadle
1 Christine Sowers #7 Seattle Sounders
1 Christopher Nichols #12 Starbucks
1 Harvey Rojas Mora #16 Starbucks
1 Max Stan #2 Starbucks


Jamyang Dorjee said...

Updated as of 07.30.2012

Kyle Summers said...

Kyle Summers #21 Costco has 1 goal as well