Friday, April 19, 2013

The 60-60-60 Challenge :: Day Nineteen

The 60-60-60 Challenge to support America SCORES Seattle and celebrate National Poetry Month continues! 

Below are some resources to help you reach your goal of giving your Full 180 to America SCORES Seattle by taking the 60-60-60 Challenge to read 60 poems for National Poetry Month, to walk 60 miles for yourself, and to raise 60 dollars for America SCORES Seattle!

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Today's poems were written by poet-athletes in the SCORES program at Dunlap Elementary during our 2011 Fall Season.

I Remember Poem
by Eva Y.

I remember my first steps
it was cold and it felt like
I was walking on snow.
I remember the time I
was holding my sister and never letting
anyone take her away.
I remember the first time I
played with a soccer ball
me and the ball were like a pair.
I remember the first time
I drank root beer
it was like it was my destiny.
I remember the first time
I rode a bike scared and
waiting for my mom to get me off
I remember my dog so protective
loved me and did not want to let go.

My Mighty Hands
by Andrew R.

I love my mighty hands.
They help me write.
They help me hold things like pencils.
If I didn’t have my mighty hands,
it would be sad.

Today's video features current SCORES poet-athlete Linda reading the Shel Silverstein poem Hug O' War, while her teammates support her.  Go SCORES!

Hike/Walk Resource

This weekend, why not scope out your new favorite fishing spots before opening day on April 27th or check out some of the year round spots that were recently stocked.  Find out more in Washington State Parks latest post on the Best Spring Fishing inWA

Join the Seattle SCORES' Full 180 team, and share with your friends and family.#Full180

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