Thursday, April 11, 2013

The 60-60-60 Challenge :: Day Eleven

Welcome to Day Eleven of the 60-60-60 Challenge to support America SCORES Seattle and celebrate National Poetry Month! 

As promised, below are some poems and resources to help you reach your goal to give your Full 180 to America SCORES Seattle by taking the 60-60-60 Challenge to read 60 poems for National Poetry Month, to walk 60 miles for yourself, and to raise 60 dollars for America SCORES Seattle!

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Today’s poems are a series of Today My Name is poems written during our Fall 2011 season by teammates at Maple Elementary School:

Today My Name Is
By Bailey A.

Today my name is Chocolate Chip
I feel sweet and playful

Yesterday my name was Kentucky Fried Chicken
I heard people liked me
I found I was warm and crummy

Tomorrow my name will be Ticklish.
I will forget what I was yesterday.
I will remember that I did not like my name yesterday.

Today My Name Is
By Tya N.

Today my name is Soccer.
I feel fast.
I pretend to be a ball.

Yesterday my name was Basketball.
I heard a ball go “whoosh”.
I found everyone wanted to bounce me.

Tomorrow my name will be Volleyball.
I will forget that I was a ball.
I will remember that everyone likes to bounce me!

Today My Name Is
By Jason W.

Today my name is Airplane
I feel good when I soar through the sky
I pretend I am a bird

Yesterday my name was duck
I heard people chatting
I found a piece of break in the water

Tomorrow my name will be snail
I will forget how to talk snail language
I will remember to breath

Today My Name Is
By Valeria G.

Today my name is Volleyball
Because I feel fast and happy
I pretend I’m going in slow motion and singing

Yesterday my name was Soccer Ball
I heard a swish when I was rolling down the grass
I found that I was popular and cool.

Tomorrow my name will be Football
And they will pass me back and forth
I will forget I was a ball
I will remember I’m awesome and cool.

Today's video is from America SCORES Seattle's 2012 National Poetry Slam representative Tya N. who reads Smart by Shel Silverstein, and encourages you to take the 60 - 60 - 60 Challenge this April!

Suggested Hike/Walk
North East Queen Anne Greenbelt - 5th Ave N to 6th Ave N. and return (1 mile)

Join the Seattle SCORES' Full 180 team, and share with your friends and family.#Full180

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