Thursday, April 4, 2013

The 60-60-60 Challenge: Day Four

Welcome to Day Four of the 60-60-60 Challenge to support America SCORES Seattle and celebrate National Poetry Month! 

As promised, below are some poems and resources to help you reach your goal to give your Full 180 to America SCORES Seattle by taking the 60-60-60 Challenge to read 60 poems for National Poetry Month, to walk 60 miles for yourself, and to raise 60 dollars for America SCORES Seattle!

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Today’s poems were written by poet-athletes during our Fall 2010 Season:

If I Was King
By: Anika B., age 11
Maple Elementary School

If I were a king
I would have a castle and a mote
And a great golden coat
And a farm with three-hundred-twenty-two goats

If I were a king
I would wear a crown upon my head
Sleep on a soft feathery bed
And my entire kingdom would be well fed

If I were a king
There’d be no starvation
We’d all have a five month paid vacation
And we’d all have a higher education

If I were a king
War would be no more
And each family would have a house with a roof and a door

Although I’m no king and for now this is a dream
Maybe, someday, my ideas will reign supreme

I Have a Heart in Me
By Andrew Q., age 11
Highland Park Elementary School

I have a heart in me
That loves people
That cannot not love
That is a brave heart
That loves you

I have a dream in me
That wants to break free
That needs attention
That has to be shown to the world

I have a secret land in me
That has no poverty in it
And the stars shine so bright
And I live in that same world.

My Anger
By Najaha M., age 10
Highland Park Elementary School

My anger is like a volcano about to erupt.
It bursts and leaks and reminds me of the time I lost my friend.
It makes me upset and sad.
I want a new friend.

Snowflakes (a haiku)
By Najaha M., age 10
Highland Park Elementary School

Snowflakes are fluffy
And are very beautiful
And it’s very cold

Hope & Hopeless
By  Samaya M.,  age 11
Bailey Gatzert Elementary

I am the earth
It is a really sad job
Everyday people die on me
I feel their teardrops
I am the bright blue sky
I look down and see eyes
I am a classroom full of children ready to learn
I am a girl sad and hopeless
Hoping that someday someone will fulfill my wishes and dreams
Hoping that one-day I will go to a perfect world
But I know in my heart there is no perfect world
Where you could get whatever you want
It’s just a dream
I could dream all I want but I know it won’t come true
Deep down I know I should be happy with all I have
But I want more
When I think more
I end up with nothing…

School is Cool
By William W., age 10
Bailey Gatzert Elementary

School is cool
Too bad it doesn’t have a pool
Can’t run in the halls
Or draw on the walls
I do all my math
And stay on the right path
I play games on the computer
And still have time to plan my future

By Linda,  age 8
Bailey Gatzert Elementary

When I trust
That all the rust
Mixed with the Dust
Will be enough

I care and share and trust
I must

That is the SCORES way

I trust the land of vanishing times
And the water that swells in a special rime

I trust the worlds of peace and love
The middle of the Universe
And the stars above

 My teachers, coaches, poems
Things I trust

I believe in soccer
And also I must

I am free when I find my own path
Comes from my poems
Some about math

A mailman trusts her letters and a librarian believes in her books

Trust travels around me
I am all shook

Trust is me and in you

A tiny piece of paper spotted by me
When I pick it up I scribble what I trusted in
A poem of things I trusted in

My emotion is happy
Others are sad
But when they trust
They don’t feel so bad
Some are greedy
Others are kind
But all should trust
Even the blind

Beyond me lies the horizon
The things I believe in
The worlds of peace, compassion, love

Today's video is from SCORES Writing Coach and Dunlap Elementary School teacher, Mr. Burtness

Suggested Hike/Walk

The first flowers of spring, including the white blooms of trillium, are in bloom at Lake Sylvia State Park. Take a guided hike and learn how to identify forest plant life, April 13 from 2 to 4 pm.

TrilliumTrek: Discover the first flowers of spring, including the white blooms of trillium, in celebration of the Washington State Parks Centennial. Hike along the trails with a guide from the Friends of Schafer and Lake Sylvia State Parks and learn how to identify the plants and animals found in the dense forest of Lake Sylvia State Park. The event begins at the kitchen shelter in the day-use area. Participants are asked to leave pets at home. Presented by the Friends of Schafer and Lake Sylvia State Parks. For more information, visit, write or call (360) 249-2573.

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