Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meet Our National Slam Poets!

The National Poetry Slam is under a month away and our poet-athletes are working hard to perfect their masterpieces before the big event. Anh T. and Alejandro C. of Maple Elementary are the two students who will represent Seattle at the America SCORES National Poetry Slam! in the Big Apple on April 11 at the legendary Apollo Theater. Anh and Alejandro will go on this all-expense paid trip to New York City with SCORES coach Trevor Stevenson and everyone is bursting with excitement for the big day in April! Here is a little more about Anh & Alejandro:

Anh T, Maple Elementary School
5th grade, 11 years old


You are my friend, my heart, my soul
You are the best friend that I know

You teach me how to do things right
You make the world bright at night

You taught me right from wrong
You were the one who showed me how to be strong

You told me to reach for Mars
I hope that I become the woman that you are


Alejandro C, Maple Elementary School
5th grade, 10 years old

I Am

I am from Maple Elementary
I am from Hispanic People
I am from My Mother’s Heart
I am from the dirt
I am from an evergreen tree
I am from America

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