Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Poem of the Week

Today's fantastic poem is by Dunlap Elementary 5th-Grader Anthony G!

Mi Casa es Tu Casa
By: Anthony G. Age: 10
Dunlap Elementary

My zip code is the great 98118.
People from all over the world live here together
To be part of the United States.
My apartment is surrounded by friends and family
We all get along happily.

I go to my primo’s casa to hang out
Legos, D.S., John Cena on R.A.W.
Is what its all about.
My tio says, “Toneeeyyy!” when I come in
Over the TV din

We made a clubhouse in the yard
All of us kids worked together very hard
With plastic bags and scrap wood.
It stayed up real good.

Outside on the 4th of July
Bottle rockets fly high in the sky.
When I see the fireworks I get excited
To be in an America United.

I go to El Nopalitos next door.
Phone cards and yummy barbacoa is what it’s for.
Vietnamese, Ethiopean, Filipino, Somali.
In my ‘hood the whole world’s there for me.

When I come home, I hear my dad’s clarinet
And my mom’s cooking my favorite.
My brother yelling, running from my sister
Chasing her Barbie.
My home is for everyone,
Especially for me.

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