Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SCORES Reflections

We have compiled reflections by some of our SCORES poet-atheletes which show the power of the program, and epitomize the teamwork, leadership, and commitment shown by all of the SCORES poet-atheletes.

Here are some of the amazing responses:

A Reflection on Fall Frenzy

By A’Treu M. of Maple Elementary

"When I was on the bus I felt like I was rich. We played against four schools, Roxhill, Bailey Gatzert, Dunlap, and Highland Park. It was fun. Taylor Graham from the Seattle Sounders was there. We did really well on our cheer. We were given free soccer scarves and I was very thankful for it. It didn’t worry me if we were going to win or lose the games. I just wanted to have fun."

A Soccer Game with Dunlap School
By Justin Z. of Maple Elementary

"Dunlap School played an awesome soccer game, but we won the game. It doesn’t matter who wins because it is about teamwork and having fun everyday in SCORES. It was a cold and rainy Friday and visitors came to see the fun."

Friday Gameday
By Alfonso A. of Maple Elementary

"The game on Friday was awesome because we won. The score was two to zero. I made a goal and Jacy made one too, that’s why we won. But, soccer is not about winning, it is about having fun at the games."

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