Monday, May 3, 2010

National Slam Poets Return

Photographer: Sirin Samman
The poets are back and working hard in their spring curriculum, but here is an update about their experience in NYC. SCORES is proud of their performance and the rave reviews we've gotten from our national staff about these two talented young people.

The event began when America SCORES CEO, Norma Barquet rang the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange. A reception on the trading floor that celebrated the program’s accomplishments from around the country followed.

After the reception, the attendees and young poet-athletes transitioned to a dining room where the elementary age students presented their poetry. Eddie and Milla both performed their individual poems and rhymed parts of a group poem featuring all 30 of young poets from across the country.

These 30 students were picked from 4,500 nationwide SCORES participants.
Seattle’s Eddie Edwards was chosen to be the second to last individual performer because his poem eloquently summarized the relationship between SCORES and family. Milla was one of ten to receive the honor of sitting next to the CEO of SCORES when Ms. Barquet rang the closing bell at the NYSE.

Eddie also received a big surprise when his parents attended the SCORES soccer and lunch in Central Park on Sunday afternoon. His parents had previously told Eddie they would be unable to make the trip to New York City. It was a joyful reunion!

Here's a link to Milla on the balcony while the closing bell rang. (She's on the viewer's left.)

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