Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Highland Park Car Wash

Yesterday our staff's and dozens of community cars got the baths they needed at Highland Park Elementary's car wash. When the SCORES staff showed up, we were all shocked to have to wait in line for the wash, even though this was great for the students fundraising efforts.

So, while we were waiting to get our cars washed, we got in the spirit and helped the student volunteers wash the cars in line ahead of us. It was a blast. Well, at least when I "missed" the car and hosed off some of the kids!

The local Schuck's Auto Supply donated sponges, towels and soap so the kids could wash all the cars they could to raise money for new playground equipment at their school. The kids will conduct a student survey to determine what the other kids at school want, then they will discuss their survey findings and any budget restrictions with the school principal, and then get the equipment. We'll find out what they will have got at the year-end Jamboree in a couple of weeks.

Here is a video of the kids explaining their project to our program director, Jake Witt.


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