Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maple Girls Help Grow a Forest

The Maple girls team was also out serving their community. They teamed up with the Nature Consortium to help protect newly planted trees. The girls all took a van ride from school over to the West Duwamish Greenbelt, Seattle’s largest remaining forest.

While there, the girls were taught about local ecosystems, invasive species, and the importance of citizens in maintaining public lands. The restoration project director at Nature Consortium, nicknamed buphalo, taught the girls about how weeds were choking out the newly planted trees.

So it was going to be the girls duty to use a pickmatic tool to clear away the weeds within a foot of the tree. This way the tree could get the nutrients it needs to survive, then they carried heavy buckets of mulch to lay down around the trees to prevent the weeds from growing back. The girls cleared around 10 trees together and put mulch down too. They did all of this in the hour they were there. It was a lot work done that afternoon, but it was great for Heather and Jake to get out there and have some fun in the dirt with the team.

Here is a video of how the afternoon went, and it shows what exactly they were up to. Enjoy!

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