Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A St. Paddy's day SCORES Update!

Here are a few updates about SCORES activities...

Sounders Community Shield Match
We also want to send a big thank you to all of the 18,000 plus fans who stood out in the rain for last Thursday's Sounders match. Some of the Community Shield match's proceeds will go to the four community partners, including SCORES Seattle! The funds will help soccer touch the lives of almost 200 elementary students this spring and beyond. THANKS!!

NY Slam Poets
On Last Friday some of the staff got to go watch some of the practice rounds of our national slam poets. The poems, the performance and speaking styles are really coming together for these two poet-athletes. Eddie has really put a beat/rhythm behind his words. You can hear the hip hop behind each of his lines and stanzas. Milla has a poem with her insights into her everyday life, but the surprise is that she is a fluent Russian speaker. She incorporates a little of her mother's native language into the poem too! New York is going to be great!

Coach Refresher Sessions
The writing coaches got togeth
er and there was a lot of discussion about what the spring curriculum and what service learning is all about. They talked about ways to avoid disengagement and some hypothesizing about projects and ways to make the experience stronger. All of the great veteran coaches shared stories and offered advice based on their firsthand experience.

“It’s fantastic to see the teachers coming together and talking about how they can make the experience more impactful and exciting for these kids,” said Carolyn Clark, America SCORES Seattle VISTA. “Seeing them invest their time and energy the way they have is the most we can expect from anyone we try to engage with our organization.”

The soccer coaches received some soccer training from Seattle University's head assistant coach, an assistant coach and a couple players who ran through the drills being taught. After the coaching session there was a SCORES coach scrimmage where everyone ran around getting into SCORES mode. Afterward the coaches gathered in a classroom to talk amongst themselves about best practices.

Happy St. Paddy's day! Remember to wear your green, maybe a Rave Green Sounders jersey.

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