Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Season is Upon Us!

The SCORES staff is gearing up for our spring season. We're training in the coaches, new and old. We're dusting off all the soccer balls, cones and goals. Just making sure everything is in tip-top condition for opening day, March 22nd.

From what we've been hearing from our coaches the kids are ready to go! They've actually been asking their teachers/coaches about spring session since our Seattle Poetry Slam, last November. So, we are making sure everything is in perfect condition and ready to kick-off spring season.

Our site administrator at Roxhill relayed this message from a parent about her poet-athlete to us, “Scores is a wonderful program, that her son is looking forward to returning this spring and that it has greatly helped his writing skills.”

Our spring program is a bit different than the fall because we focus more on service learning. In the fall we hone in on poetry, in the spring we couple poetry with community service. So instead of a poetry slam, in the spring we have a Jamboree! This is a gathering of all the 12 teams where they showcase their service in their communities. In the past teams have raised money for an animal shelter, or visited a retirement home to learn about their neighborhood's cultural roots or even gone to a local park and cleaned up litter and graffiti.

"I can’t wait to see what our SCORES students come up with for their community service-learning projects," said Heather Christianson, program assistant at SCORES. " We have some fantastic students who will definitely come up with some great ideas."

The kids awareness of their neighborhood's problems at such young ages, 3rd to 5th grade, is surprising. They notice everything adults do, but they find simple effective ideas to change their environment, rather than training themselves to look past problems. They often come to the realization that even small changes get noticed by an entire community. They really seem to be inspired by the idea of helping others and notice it benefits themselves too.

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