Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SCORES Season: Day One

The SCORES sites were bustling with energy yesterday. The kids were too excited to sit still when we all arrived at the sites. The afternoon was filled with talks about the differences between the Spring and Fall seasons, some played a little soccer and many sites jumped into writing curriculum. In both situations the poet-athletes were ready to go with great ideas during the writing sessions and quick moves on the soccer field.

During the poetry class the students and teachers were discussing what it means to be a hero, whether they are a superhero like Spiderman, or a local hero doing good in their own communities. This ties into their Spring season because the writing portion of the program focuses on service learning. The students will think of a project that will help their communities, plan it and follow through with their plan. Heroes work in many different ways, but the common theme with all of them is they help others who need it.

The Teams really focused on what qualities make a hero, and what creates the respect people have for a hero, what are the values of a hero. They brainstormed about this and then created "Agent of Good" Crests. These were blank shields shaped like the back of the SCORES logo then they filled them in with drawings, symbols and poems representing the things each poet-athlete would like to accomplish during the spring season.

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