Friday, December 4, 2009

Taylor Graham wins Humanitarian Award

Sounders FC's defense man Taylor Graham won the team's Humanitarian Award for his charitable work. He has been especially active with America SCORES Seattle this season.

Taylor has been unable to play for much of the season due to some foot injuries. So instead of being inactive with his time off, he has been very active in charities like ours.

Taylor has been a huge asset to SCORES this season. He made it to our Fall Frenzy soccer event in September. Taylor walked around talked to all poet-athletes, having pictures taken and really making the students day.

You could see the kids smiles grow when he approached each team. However, some teams made him prove he actually played for the Sounders. He had to list off most of the team's roster before they would believe him. Once he did though, the smiles grew larger and larger as the kids believed they were in the presence of a professional athlete. He really helped make the afternoon special for the kids.

Taylor also came to our Poetry Slam! last month. He was one of the judges. The kids lit up again when they saw him walking through the auditorium. But the students surprised Taylor at the event when the Dunlap boys dropped his name in their poem. Taylor's smile was as big as the kids! It was a great night of the kids poetry and another example of him, just by being there, making others feel special.

The SCORES staff wants to thank Taylor for all his efforts with our organization this year. Also, congratulations on a well deserved award.

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