Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SCORES Thermometer's Rising

The SCORES thermometer's mercury is rising with the temperatures in Seattle. The latest update shows us at almost 50% of the way to our goal. We thank all of you who have donated so far, but we ask those who haven't to give any amount to our students.

With the end of the year approaching, we know many out there are reviewing their charitable donations for the year. Please consider a gift to SCORES and, more importantly, the poet-athletes from six high-need elementary schools.

Your donation allows them to get out on a soccer field or stay in the classroom after school. It also helps them earn pride through their community service and develop confidence in expressing themselves through writing and speaking coaching. The donation starts as a gift, but ends up changing lives with SCORES.

Here is a story about the impact of SCORES from Coach Blair at Dunlap Elementary:

"I was sitting next to a quiet boy named Andrew during the poetry slam. Andrew is in 4th grade. During the photo highlights he whispered in my ear “I hope there is a picture of me.” Towards the end of the video there Andrew was big as day on the big screen. He had just earned a gold card at the game. I looked over at Andrew and saw tears in his eyes. It made me realize that we forget sometimes what an impact Scores has on the kids and how important a uniform or a simple picture is to them."

Thanks for the donations so far, but lets keep the thermometer moving up!