Monday, January 25, 2016

National Slam Finalist Poems

These 19 poems are by 19 talented, thoughtful SCORES Poet-Athletes. They wrote these and many other original works during Fall Season and each took the stage to share their poem on November 11th at our Annual Poetry Slam! Almost 140 students took the stage that night, and this month 19 were considered Seattle Finalists for the America SCORES National Poetry Slam! They shared their inspiration for their poems, what they love about SCORES and gave us their best work we couldn't be more proud! 


Who is more delicate than glass?
Can be crystal clear or all fogged up
Comes in a variety of different colors
All in one package
Who hates if it’s not the first one of its kind
Because if it’s not it’s easier to shatter than the original
Who you may ask? I know
They kind of just vanished, and when they did I promised to keep their identity a secret
So who, will forever remain a mystery
Here’s one more hint, they hate change.
-Kya 5th Grade 

“Big Bad Bully”
Why? Why do people bully?
I can probably answer that
Either they got bullied in past and take all their anger out on you instead of themselves
But either way it’s still a major problem - am I right? Or am I wrong?
Here’s a little advice ignore him or her and they won’t have fun anymore
See you later alligator, stay nice.
-Nativia 5th Grade 

“One Day”
Have you ever thought about your future?
Well I have
I think one day I’ll be a director, I’ll be making the greatest hits
Or maybe one day, I’ll be fashion designer, I’ll be creating hats and shoes to dress that fit
Or maybe one day I’ll be a pilot, I’ll be flying from continent to continent to continent
Well I don’t really care ‘cause I’m only ten
And I got lots more time to spend
So whatever I choose I hope it’s good for me and you
-Jaliya 5th Grade 

SCORES is fun and I wish I could be in SCORES every year
I get excited when I go to soccer games
We make a goal like a pro, I let you down but I help you up
Like a boss on the field, take the ball and make a pass
We make you proud, we make it loud
But don’t pout ‘cause we’re taking you out
You’re the gold, you can be just like a soccer ball rolling down the field
Be the goalie, be the defender, it doesn’t matter just be whatever
We have good sportsmanship
Let people know you’re in SCORES and be a great leader
-Liz 4th Grade 

“Dad Problems”
Thinking about why isn’t my dad here with me?
Why should I even call him dad when he’s never there for me?
To help with bills and supplies
I could be poor one day and he might not even be there with me
Thinking about if he even loves me anymore
Whenever I hear the words “dad” and “separate” I remember what happened to my family
He is my problem
He made me laugh but now things change
Remembering the great times we had like Christmas, or when we went to Wild Waves for the first time
Sometimes he comes for me on Sundays
But when he doesn’t something gives me a feeling he doesn’t even care anymore
He never keeps his promises, every single day I feel like crying
He was never there for special occasions like birthdays, soccer games, and performances
He never know but he might not even be there on my graduation
He’s never there to kiss me goodnight
I just can’t stand it anymore,
All those excuses he makes
-Ana 4th Grade

Friends are there for you
Right by your side when you really need them
In your life they’ll always be there
Encourage each other
Never lets you down
Doing good efforts to help your friend
Saving your friend when they’re being bullied
-Nathan  5th Grade 

Parents give you love by taking care of you
Parents help you up when you fall
Parents take care of you when you need it the most
Parents cheer you up when you’re sad
I love my parents and they love me too
-Musa M. 5th Grade 

Halloween is a time when all the ghosts rhyme
At the haunted house, there is a mouse
There is a witch, who likes to twitch
On a very dark night, we hide of fright
It is so dark, I hear dogs bark
I see a scary tree, and get stung by a bee
I went to trick-or-treat, and I told them to smell my feet
Ramiro 5th Grade 

Sometimes I sit under a tree and grieve
My mind unstable like the leaves of a weeping willow
But my body is firm on the ground, like the trunk of an evergreen
Sometimes I’m green not blue, maybe calm like a palm
Just sit and stare off in the blanket of the trees
Acorns falling in my thoughts, making them a blur
Sometimes I weep and the trees don’t sleep
Plop goes an acorn from one of the angry trees, blurring my thoughts again
The wind’s screaming in my ears, like me when I’m mad
Like when wind hits a tree and it falls
Sometimes my life’s like tangled roots
Some moments good and others just plain bad
But together it makes life what it is
Sometimes I sit under a tree and grieve
Silently slipping away from the world
All cares vanishing like an alive tree being cut down
Sometimes I’m just like a tree
-Sabrina 4th Grade 

I have feelings because I’m a person
I have feelings because I’m a girl
I have feelings because I’m amazing
I have feelings
-Ty’Yonna 5th Grade 

“I Am”
I am not a liar, I am not afraid, I am not alone
I am nothing but myself
I’m not a truck, I’m not a car
I am nothing but myself
I am a believer and achiever
But nothing but myself
-Amina 5th Grade 

“My Life”
My life can be hard it can be both
It might be lucky it might be not
It’s just how life goes
-Luqman 5th Grade 

“6 in the Morning”
It’s six in the morning I’m rising up to a new day
Hoping it’s going to be a good day
I look and see at seven a black man gets shot
It’s eight now, time to go to sleep
Back to six I hope the same thing doesn’t happen today
Never lose hope
We shall overcome this too
-Omari 5th Grade 

“The Most Precious Thing on Earth”
The most precious thing on Earth is very hard to find
I wonder if it’s yours, I wonder if it’s mine
I wonder if it’s a creature like a bunny or a dragon
I wonder if it’s something like a lamp or a wagon
I wonder if it’s karate or a little baby potty
I wonder if it’s life or death
I wonder if it’s having really good breath
I wonder if it’s me and family together
I wonder if it’s me having family forever
Psh!  Whatever
The most precious thing ever is the world all together forever
-Ridwan 5th Grade 

“I Believe”
I’m a believer because I believe in things
Things that don’t exist
I’m a believer because I believe in people
Who believe in me and believe in themselves
I’m a believer because I like to believe
I’m a believer because achieve my dreams
I’m a believer because that’s who I am
-Rahmo 5th Grade 

Life is a place
With all kinds of faces who all have different races
Life is a prize, but how come everybody dies?
Without life where would we go?
Where would we be?
Would we be under the sea?
Life is where the successful kids turn into smart nerds at least that’s what I heard
Life is a place where people come and go
You might think life is fast, but no
Life is where we are now
Right this moment we are in LIFE!
-Asli  5th Grade 

“With My”
With my eyes I see, I see people of different color.
With my voice I speak the words of love.
With my hands I hold, hold on to the people I love dearly.        
With my heart I feel, I feel so many emotions.
With my words I speak words of kindness.
With my eyes, voice, hands, heart, and words I can do many things so can you!
-Jaydalen  5th Grade 

“SCORES is My Beautiful Home”
SCORES is my home because my team is like family.
SCORES is my home warm and cuddly.
SCORES is my home because it is fun.
SCORES is my home because of the fun and nice teachers.
SCORES is my home because it is peaceful.
I am glad SCORES is not a terrifying and ugly home.
After all, SCORES is my beautiful home.
-Paulina 5th Grade 

“I Wish”
I wish we could all live in a world with no racism and no wars
I am blinded by this violence
People trash talking
People talking about war
I wish it could all stop
I wish we could live in a world in peace
-Sebastian 5th Grade 

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