Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all from everyone here at SCORES. As a special treat we present to you six of the scariest Halloween poems by the SCORES poet-athletes!

Carmina C., 5th grade
Dunlap Elementary School

Knife, Blood, and Creepy Critters
The house is haunted
The dead will rise
Scary Stories come true
Moving shadows, Werewolves howling
Women calling for help

Halloween Night of Fright
My V., 5th grade
Dunlap Elementary School

Blood dripping
Invisible tip-taping
The scream of fright
The smell of horrors
Creature walking some are crawling
Some are real and some are not
Spiders splattering on the floor
And once again the scream of
R.I.P. people are waking up
evil spirit swirling with excite
Tonight is where ghost stories are
retold in the dark when the dogs
bark because of the ghost.
And when the scary Jack o’lanterns
smile you feel like running away
for a mile. Evil laughter spreads the
room. Boo! Muahahaha! And everything
stays quiet for a while, so that is
The Halloween night of fright.

Halloween Poem
Carmela C., 5th grade
Dunlap Elementary School

Halloween is where horrors
come alive. Where ghost stories
come in the dark. Orange and
black everywhere. Everyone in the
cemetery, spirits come out from
their grave. Creepy critters watch
out. Boo all the time. sometimes oohs and
ahhs. Witches and goblins from
where Halloween started.
Candy everywhere, sweet tooth
Here. Monsters under our bed.
Muah ah ah watch out maybe you
will be a spirit soooon!

Steven C., 5th grade
Maple Elementary School

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies
We are calling you tonight
It is the night where you feast on our brains
so thick and moist
I can't wait for that delectable brain of fright
Mummies you come out tonight
Walking out of your tomb of fright
You walk at night and prepare us for a new life

Hussein H., 4th grade
Maple Elementary School

Jack o' lanterns are on the front porch
Kids trick or treating everywhere
Zombies are chasing after them
Costumes and candy left behind as mummies are roaring out loud
The kids are running into a big house and watch
ghosts, mummies and zombies all come to LIFE!
The kids get scared and the monsters disappear
And all are sound asleep tonight

Ramon G., 5th grade
Maple Elementary School

A ghost will be your host and will make you some toast
He will roast you a marshmallow and will not forget
the child who will not stay for awhile
He will play with a tile because he has a very nice style
Boo, it's Halloween

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