Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pictures from Poetry Slam!!

They're here!! Pictures from poetry slam. These were taken by SCORES' very own Heather Christianson, a professional photographer before joining America SCORES Seattle.

The Dunlap boys used a saxophone and a clarinet to help emphasize their poetry.

The Maple girls were rhyming their way through this poem:

By Maya B, Grade 4

My brain is stuffed with knowledge
That’s why I hope to go to college
My brain controls everything
It helps me see spring
It’s a good thing there is stuff to protect my brain
Or else I would be INSANE
My brain some times gets in pain
My brain is so great It will often procrastinate.
My brain is so smart
If it wasn’t I would fall apart

The Gatzert girls working together to really shout out their team poem!

There are more photos of the evening on our Facebook profile.

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