Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last Game Day of the Fall Season

The SCORES staff wants to make sure everyone knows that this Friday's game day is the last of the fall session. There will be some great poetry slamming and soccer for everyone to watch. Make it out to the game sites if you can. At the previous Game Day there was strong support from parents, grandparents and community members, let's see it again.

The schedule for Friday goes as follows:

Dunlap is at Roxhill
Bailey Gatzert is at Highland Park
Maple is at Emerson

After the game day the poet-athletes will be practicing their poems for the big Poetry Slam! on Nov. 13 at Cleveland High School. From what the staff has seen so far, everyone in the audience is going to have an inspiring evening with a season wrap-up picture show, poet-athletes showing off what they've learned this season and a special appearance by Seattle's 2009 Poet Populist Mike Hickey. He'll also read a poem.

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