Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So Many Thanks to Give!

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, 
everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou

Happy Thanksgiving from America SCORES Seattle! 
Wishing the best to you and yours 
and taking some time to reflect and express gratitude! <3

Things we are grateful for:

Our SCORES Poet-Athletes
The ability to serve youth in Seattle
Having the continued personal and financial support of a great community!
Mild weather in the Fall
Community Partnerships
Support From our schools
Amazing Coaches

We had a great Fall Season, here are some of our highlights!

We started the FALL SEASON off with 
great weather and fun at Starfire!


Game Days were a blast, rain or shine, Poet-Athletes played with heart, pick each other up when they slipped in the mud and cheered their teammates on!


Roger Levesque, local authors and poets came together for our Barnes and Noble Book Fair Event! Through our Book Fairs we were able to raise enough money in giftcards to buy a book for each student in SCORES this Fall! We gave the books away at our 12th Annual Poetry Slam!

Town Hall Seattle was filled with inspiring poetry from Champion Slam Poet Nikkita Oliver and 137 America SCORES Seattle Poet-Athletes! Roger Levesque was a fantastic host and we had wonderful guest judges including Lamar Neagle of the Seattle Sounders!


The number one team in the MLS celebrated their 40th anniversary on October 10th. They also recognized their Community Partners and gave each a generous donation! We are so grateful for the tremendous support of the Sounders FC! 

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