Friday, January 31, 2014


48 Quarters
25+ Drinks Consumed
3 Headbands
2 Countries Represented
1 Order of Poutine
1 Champion

Congratulations to Geoff, our first winner of the America SCORES Seattle Foosball tournament! Geoff took home the coveted Sounders soccer ball as well as forever being enshrined in the annals of SCORES foosball history.

Titans clash as Roxhill Elementary girl's coach Sara Haug takes on foosball Goliath: Geoff

SCORES Seattle would like to extend a big thanks to Brass Tacks in Georgetown for generously hosting the raucous SCORES crowd (try their poutine, you won't regret it). Also, thanks to all of our brave competitors who left everything on the table. Though they may not have hoisted the trophy above their heads at the end of the night, they found themselves warmed with pride (not just beer) at having competed with giants among tiny plastic soccer men.

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