Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Taking Mid-field for your Seattle SCORES...Sarah Peppers!"

Hello, my name is Sarah Peppers, 
and I pleased to be joining the Seattle SCORES team! 
I am working as Coach Across America Member through the AmeriCorps 
Corporation for National and Community Service. 

       I would have been interested in any program combining youth, sports and service learning, but when I saw the Seattle SCORES position listing, that the sport was soccer, and they incorporated poetry into the program, I fell, with my ten years of soccer and my B.A. in Literature, head over heels! 
     I am excited to be joining the America SCORES Seattle team because I love what the program is about. I love reading the students’ poetry. I have been blown away and touched by their creativity, depth, vision and general fun in their writing. The number of mentions, for that matter all out odes, to sportsmanship, being a good teammate and the value of play over winning or losing has also made quite an impression. The Poetry Slam I have been excited about, telling my friends how cool I think it is that SCORES (the kids and the program) put on such a cool event and how impressed I am that the students put themselves out there! I really value community and am eager to get involved in our schools and neighborhoods!

Some Q&A with our new team member!

What was your favorite sport to play growing up?
Soccer! Though I tried many, basketball, swim team, field hockey, horseback riding, surprisingly never softball, I loved soccer the most and played for about ten years!

Who is your favorite athlete?
I don’t really have one, but I always enjoy those who stay grounded and respectful. Ray Lewis gave a short speech after his last game with the Baltimore Ravens, it was a class act, and I always admire those who take success in stride. So show me an athlete who is grateful, respectful, and gives back to the community and I’ll be a fan.

Who is your favorite singer or poet?
I have many favorites, Leonard Cohen, Rumi, Maya Angelou, Marie Howe, Robert Frost, Toni Morrison (her books are long beautiful poems), Wallace Stevens, e. e. cummings, the list goes on but I go most often to Mary Oliver.

Do you have a favorite poem?
I honestly couldn’t ever say,
I don’t have a favorite poem,
Because there is one for every day!

but here's one I love (I'm also a preschool teacher in the mornings and I need this one some days):

                                               Why I Wake Early
                                               By Mary Oliver

                                               Hello, sun in my face.
                                               Hello, you who made the morning
                                               and spread it over the fields
                                               and into the faces of the tulips
                                               and the nodding morning glories,
                                               and into the windows of, even, the
                                               miserable and the crotchety—

                                               best preacher that ever was,
                                               dear star, that just happens
                                               to be where you are in the universe
                                               to keep us from ever-darkness,
                                               to ease us with warm touching,
                                               to hold us in the great hands of light—
                                               good morning, good morning, good morning.

                                                Watch, now, how I start the day
                                                in happiness, in kindness.

What is your favorite food?

I have recently claimed that if I had to choose one meal to eat every day of my life, for one meal (lunch or dinner), it would be Vietnamese vermicelli noodle bowls! They are so tasty, healthy, and dynamic in flavor and texture! YUM! Also, sushi, I love sushi. 

I am really looking forward to the start of the 2013 Fall Season and making my way around to all the schools to meet all these amazing SCORES players and coaches! 

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