Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Poem of the Week!

By Dunlap SCORES boys from Dunlap Elementary School, Seattle.

We are the Dynamite Dolphins,

Awesome like the Miz
We pass every quiz

We’re tough and strong
To help other get along

We chillin’ in our snuggy
Watch us do the Dougie.

We are known to be brave
Enough to make bullies behave

Dynamite Dophins go fast
Because we are never last

We’re always responsible
Because we are unstoppable

More expensive than a dime
We’re more valuable than Optimus Prime.

We boost ourselves with energy
And share with each other equally.

We like to do the Cat Daddy
While we’re chillin like Shaggy.

And we play soccer
Like it’s a show-stopper!

Dynamite Dolphins… ROCK!

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