Wednesday, April 14, 2010

National Poets Nailed it on New Day

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for our the America SCORES Seattle national poets, Eddie and Milla, they were on New Day Northwest on KING5 here in Seattle! It was a great experience for them and our staff.

The morning began with them missing morning of school to go to the KING5 studios. Which they didn't seem to mind, but they both said they did their homework the night before. There they met got to tour the show's set, practice their poems before they went on air and then sit in the green room (which is actually peach colored).

You could sense their nervous energy as they were waiting to get to the taping. Eddie was juggling water bottles, and he could actually do about three or four full juggles. Milla was quiet compared to her normal talkative self and always drawing cats and mice on a piece of paper.

Then the producer came in and said it was time for makeup. Eddie was not pleased. But they went into the dressing room got their anti-shine makeup on and waited a few more moments before they, and Carole, our executive director, made it on the stage.

SCORES wants to thank New Day Northwest for the opportunity! Also, great job Eddie and Milla!

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