Friday, January 30, 2015

Introducing our new CAA: Andrew Bloom!

Hi! My name is Andrew Bloom and I'm excited to be serving America SCORES Seattle this year as an Americorps volunteer through Coach Across America. I recently received my degree in Exercise Science and Health from the University of Idaho, where I also competed in D1 Track and Field. I'm excited to be working with the youth in this community and helping them develop their soccer and life skills.

How did you get into education or start working with youth?
I began working with youth back in college where I became very involved with my teams youth camp that we ran every year. From there I moved on to coaching track and soccer during the summer time.

What is your favorite sport to play?
My favorite sport to play growing up was probably soccer. But the sport I have been apart of the longest is track and field. I was always that kid on the playground who was looking for a race. 

Who is your favorite athlete?
I would have to say Russell Wilson, because he is an exceptional leader on and off the field. He sets a great example for others by never giving up. And... because Go Hawks!!

What is your favorite poem?
I think my favorite poem would have to be "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. I'm not the biggest poetry buff, but this poem has always seemed to stick with me. Im excited to learn more about poetry this year and see the great work the kids in this program come up with. 

I'm thrilled to be apart of this great program and can't wait to see these kids progress through out the season. I have already had the pleasure of working with the Jr. SCORES the past two weeks at Maple and Dunlap Elementary Schools, and look forward to getting to know them better over the next six weeks.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Let's Celebrate Our Finalists!

Last week we shared some exciting news! America SCORES Seattle is off to New York City and representing our state are two wonderful #PoetAthletes! Congratulations Khadija and Mohamed!

However, picking these two, from even a handful of finalists from various schools, was not easy...and we wanted to show you why! Check back to see our special highlight of Kadijah's and Mohamed's poetry and preparation for the National Poetry Slam in NYC!

This week, we would like to take the time to congratulate and showcase all of our amazing state finalists who worked so hard to get where they are!

Enjoy these thoughtful words!


One day love
One day happiness
One day sadness
One day craziness
Maybe I’m not right for this world
What is the meaning of life?
What am I supposed to do?
I can’t change anything
I see this girl in my dreams
She puts on a smile
I can see from a mile
Maybe I’m crazy in the brain
Or maybe I was just sleeping on the train

- Rose L.
  (Bailey Gatzert Elementary, 5th Grade)


People say I’m nothing
But I try to find who I am
I try, try
But today I know who I really am
I am that boy who has confidence
It doesn't hurt that people say I’m nothing
Because today I know who I really am
- Sadik O.
(Bailey Gatzert, 3rd Grade)


Never fair
But of course
Never easy
There are nice people
And mean people
But everyday of your life
No matter how hard it is
And think of those people that helped you in your difficult times
The person that made you the most happiest human being in the world 
And the woman who gave you life
And always remember to have faith and live every second of your life
No matter what

- Adriana H. 
 (Bailey Gatzert, 5th Grade)


I see my people getting hurt, but I can’t do nothing
What’s there to live for
If I can’t do what I love?
I’m just a little girl with big dreams
People say I’m too young to help others
But today
No matter how young I am
I’ll stand up for what I believe in
Because I’m that girl
Who has courage 

- Hibo O.
(Bailey Gatzert, 5th Grade)


You shield me from the rain
Bouncing off the wetness
You are armor in disguise

- Sabrina H.
  (Bailey Gatzert, 3rd Grade)


I’m looking at my reflection in the sea
It seems to be looking back at me
I can only see me
Lonely as I can be
Being the only one that believes in me
Seeing the future that’s ahead of me
Dreaming the dreams that only I can see
Black hair, dark brown eyes, smart kid
Yeah, that’s me
But my future
It’s still a mystery 

- Andrew L.
(Bailey Gatzert, 5th Grade)


A friend is like a flower
A rose to be exact
Or maybe like a brand new gate
That never comes unlatched
A friend is like an owl
Both beautiful and wise
A friend is like a ghost
Whose spirit never dies
A friend is like a heart
That goes strong until the end
Where would we be in this world?
If we didn't have a friend
Friendship is like a treasure
Full of riches and gold
Friendship is a memory
That can never grow old
I awoke with a happy heart
And thanks-giving for my friend

- Kaycee C. 
 (Maple Elementary, Fifth Grade)

“I Remember”

I remember Darkness
I remember the banging of my chest
And the pumping of my blood
I remember my arms tightening
And the drops of sweat rolling down my face
I remember silence
I could taste fear coming for me
 I remember seeing black
And the monsters in my head come rolling in
I remember being afraid of feeling fear

- Trey P.
(Maple Elementary, Fifth Grade)

"Somali Girl"

I am a Somali girl
And this is how I see the world
I see people that are different from each other
They don’t speak the same language
Some live in pain
And some live in anguish
Because they can’t feed their kids or can’t pay their rent
By the time they get their pay check
Their moneys already spent
Some get bullied
Some get murdered
Some get led around like sheep to a herder
People rob other people
Young kids killing or shooting other kids
People are acting like animals
And killing other people
Before their interested in using their words
Have some respect
What do I have to do?
Get on my knees?
Don’t make me do that
Help Somalia
And see what you get out of that
You can help Somalia even though you’re not Somalian
Once you get to meet them
They’re pretty funny
The way they talk is amazing
Every time I meet someone who just came from Somalia
I ask them to teach me own language perfectly
 Somalia is beautiful country
I hope you go to Somalia and see what we people are like
Because I know we Somali people are fun, loving, sweet and supportive

- Nafisa W.
  (Dunlap Elementary, 5th Grade)

“Friends of All Sorts”

It doesn’t cost a penny
But it’s worth more than gold
Like water in the desert sand
And it’s in the palm of your hand
Some are like a hallucination
That come to pollute
Others are like a fresh breath of air
That will be there anytime, anywhere
But some get you so mad
You pull out your hair
But you know what?
I don’t even care.
I don’t even care.
‘Cause that’s my friend
I don’t have to be locked in a tiny box
I don’t have to raise my hand to talk
I can say what I what I want to say
And do what I want to do
That’s what friends come down to

- Kya L. 
(Dunlap Elementary, 4th Grade)


I’m a girl who knows she’s all about that bass
Can she be shy?
But she can still knows how work it
Dreams bigger than New York
And soon to be a woman
Um, sweet, sour, but I’m not going to lie
A little bit crazy
This might be a dream
But, girl, I’m living it

- Sucdi H. 
  (Dunlap Elementary, 5th Grade)


I’m the strongest kid of them all
People say I don’t cry at all
Well, I might cry, if I get lost in the mall
Too much things in my head
That’s why I get brain-farts
But wait! I’m smart
And I always get A-pluses in art
I’ve got the skills
To help pay my electric bills
I’ve got the knowledge
That will take me to college
If you don’t believe me
Ask my future me

-Gimarco L.
(Dunlap Elementary, 5th Grade)


Imperfect is labeled on me
Making so many mistakes
Being so clumsy with plates
My hair goes crazy
My nails are so long…I can be wolverine
I can’t sing, nor can I dance
But I still do it anyways
I’m not shy or confident
I’m shy-fident AND awkward
I read like a turtle
But slow and steady always wins the race
I can’t cook
My jokes are so corny, you’ll kill me
I’m such a goofball that I laugh at the stupidest things
I get tongue twisted on my own words
I say pretty weird stuff all the time
And that comes from this head
Where all of my imagination and my creativity come from
It runs buck-wild in my head

- Cindy N.
  (Dunlap Elementary, 5th Grade)


Yes, I said it.
I’m scared.
It’s hard to stay
But I did it today
I regret it every minute
‘til this may
Pray this feeling will go away
But it didn’t
Yes, I said it a million times now
I’m scared
I’m not scared to say
But I still did it today
And I’m proud to say
I’m not scared
Now I can go on my way
A big light won’t give me a scare
So don’t jump in my way and say, “hey”
Because --- I’m not scared

- Ariyana S. 
(Roxhill Elementary, 5th Grade)

"When I Was Two"

When I was two
It was two years from when I was born
I ate a lot of corn
I was chubby and cute
When I sang it would sound like a flute
When I was two
I was quite an unmute
I was diagnosed with dolichoectasia
When I was two
I was in a coma for five months
For my parents it was tough
When I was two
My tonsils were infected
The doctors did something to protect it
When I was two
I had a feeding tube
The doctors sent me to the emergency room
When I was two
I’m lucky I’m not in a grave
I was little, but still brave
That’s why ‘til this very day
People say,
“Why do you sound like that?”

- Agnessa U.
  (Roxhill Elementary, 5th Grade)

Thank you all for sharing your powerful words!
Keep writing!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh the Places You'll Go…America SCORES Seattle in NYC!

We hope all enjoyed their Winter break and time spent with family in friends! 

Now it’s 2015 and things are already rolling right along for Poet-Athletes.

My name is Carina and I am the newest member of the America SCORES Seattle team and could not be more thrilled! With a background in anthropology, I have enjoyed working with the youth in Seattle Public Schools for almost a decade, and now, look forward to taking that work one step further with America SCORES! I love reading, good food, friends, and time spent outdoors! I could not be more excited for everything that is going on here at SCORES and look forward to all we will accomplish in the new year!  

Over the last two weeks, Coach Sarah and I have had the privilege of hearing some amazing poetry! Every year, each America SCORES around the country has the opportunity to send two students, one boy and one girl, to the Big Apple! Once here, these students compete in a national level poetry slam and we know, that’s a lot of pressure! After spending hours preparing, our students had the opportunity to audition on video for our judges. What we all learned? There are a lot of awesome Poet-Athletes in Seattle and even for our judges, this was an incredibly challenging decision to make.  

We are so proud of our students who competed on the state level over the last couple of weeks and know that they worked incredibly hard to get as far as they did! We here at America SCORES know that it takes tremendous courage to share such creative, special and unique stories with us and our judges through your poetry!

Check in next week to see all of our America SCORES Seattle national candidates and find out who will be competing in New York this year!!!