Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from the Boys' Team at Roxhill Elementary

OK, if you are reading this,
Turn off all the lights
Close curtains and read at night.
Do you want to hear something scary?
No, not wolves, not bears.
Not anything hairy.
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary (boo!)
That was so scary!
-            - Shay (4th grade)

Believe it or not, that’s my name
Bumping into people walking
Pass a black cat
Carrying my candy
Although it is all made of dairy
I just said Bloody Mary
-          -  Kenny N. (5th grade)

The haunted house
Is super scary
When you look at it
You see Bloody Mary
When you look at the window
You see fairies
They are hairy
Look at their hands
There’s poison berries
They look like Katy Perry
-          -  Ja’Vaughn (5th grade) and Javier (3rd grade)

The moon is so small on Halloween
It looks like a spoon up in the dark sky
I see black dogs barking to people on Halloween
I see a person biting a black dog on Halloween
I see people crying after getting out of haunted houses
-        -   Luis (5th grade)

OK, if you guys are about to read this,
Turn off the lights,
Shut the curtains,
And read it at night.
The witches and souls rising in Halloween
Jack o’lanterns stalking you
Blood sprouting
People stealing candy from children
Zombies rising from tombstones
Bloody Mary scratching.
-        -   German (4th grade)

Kids go trick or treat
Candy drop into bag
Plop, plop, plop
-         -  Brian (4th grade)

On Halloween night
Vampires and mummies are scaring kids
Blood dripping down his teeth
Then came Chucky
Chucky killed the vampires and mummies
Then Chucky went to the bathroom
And when he entered
Bloody Mary popped up
Chucky screamed
-          -  Donovan (4th grade)

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