Monday, July 30, 2012

The Chase for the Golden Boot

Despite the appearance of modern soccer being the ultimate team sports…defenders launching the base of the attack…attacking players falling back to fill vacated spaces to play defense, the team as a whole defending and attacking at the same time. Very much like the current World and European Cup champions Spain - a team of midfielders playing all over the field. One could be forgiven to assume a potential lack for any individual glory in the sport.

But Nay! Not if any of these contending players have anything to do with it. Philosophical debates aside. These contending players would strongly disagree. Their hunger for goals would betray their ideals. The spotlight, the trophy, the glory….all right there to be had.
There's a new battle brewing. The chase for the Golden Boot Trophy.

Check out...who all are in the running.

Golden Boot
4 Christopher Stevens #16 Microsoft Beadle
2 Justin Tilley #24 Costco
2 Adrian Mays #7 Starbucks
2 Arne Klubberud #9 Starbucks
1 Chuck Nwordu #8 Costco
1 Jessie Boltjes #14 Costco
1 Mamadou Mbodji #3 Costco
1 Eli Williams #5 Microsoft Beadle
1 Eric Scheffler #2 Microsoft Beadle
1 Per Famx #41 Microsoft Beadle
1 Christine Sowers #7 Seattle Sounders
1 Christopher Nichols #12 Starbucks
1 Harvey Rojas Mora #16 Starbucks
1 Max Stan #2 Starbucks

Monday, July 23, 2012

Seattle SCORES Cup Soccer Tournament

Final standings of the Seattle SCORES Cup Soccer Tournament and the draw for the finals on August 5th at CenturyLink Stadium.

Puget Sound Energy PSE 6 Microsoft Beadle 6 Seattle Sounders 6
Microsoft Dao 3 Starbucks 3 Costco 3
Russell Investments 0 UPS 0 Microsoft 0
Aug. 5th, CenturyLink Field
Seattle Sounders   Vs.   Costco 10:45 AM
Microsoft Red Vs. Starbucks 12:45 AM

Seattle SCORES Cup Soccer Tournament

Tournament results of Seattle SCORES Cup from over the weekend.

Saturday, July 21
Group Home Vs. Away SCORES
Men's Group A Microsoft Dao Vs. Russell 3 : 1
Men's Group B Microsoft Beadle Vs. Starbucks 2 : 0
Co-Ed Sounders Vs. Costco 4 : 2
Men's Group A PSE Vs. Microsoft Dao 1 : 0
Men's Group B Starbucks Vs. UPS 1 : 0
Co-Ed Costco Vs. Microsoft 1 : 0
Sunday, July 22
Group Home Vs. Away
Men's Group A Russell Vs. PSE 0 : 1
Men's Group B UPS Vs. Microsoft Beadle 2 : 6
Co-Ed Microsoft Vs. Sounders 0 : 2
Semi-Finals A PSE (Group A 1st) Vs. Starbucks (Group B 2nd) 4 : 6
Semi-Finals Co-Ed Costco (Co-Ed 2nd) Vs. Microsoft Blue (Co-Ed 3rd) 1:1 (5:3)
Semi-Finals B Microsoft Red (Group B 1st) Vs. Microsoft Orange (Group A 2nd) 1 : 0
5th - 6th Place Russell (Group A 3rd) Vs. UPS (Group B 3rd) Forfeit

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012 Tin Cup Chalice Golf Tournament

Fourteenth Annual
Tin Cup Chalice Golf Tournament
Saturday, July 28, 2012
 1:30 Shotgun Start

The Parrot Heads of Puget Sound (PHoPS), in association with North Shore Golf Course, Tacoma, are pleased to announce their fourteenth annual charity golf tournament on Saturday, July 28th, 2012. 
Proceeds from the tournament will benefit America SCORES Seattle! 
The tournament will be followed by live music by The Dave Roberts Band!
More information and entry form:
(registration in advance is required)

Come join the Parrot Heads if Puget Sound for a fun time! The tournament is a best ball scramble. You don't have up be a golfer to come. There's a party at the clubhouse after the golf and a silent auction with plenty of great prizes to win! 

North Shore Golf Course

North Shore Golf Course, located in northeast Tacoma, has been operated since 1961 by Jim Bourne, Director of Golf. Jim, a former PGA touring pro, is a member of the PGA Northwest Section Hall of Fame. Other key personnel include David Wetli, Head PGA Golf Professional; Dawn Dempsey, Pro Shop Manager; Dani Fafnis, On-The-Greens Food & Beverage Director; and Larry and Bob Proctor, Greens Superintendents. North Shore is involved year around with community service and charitable concerns. Again this year, we welcome our Parrot Head friends to help raise money for Sound Experience and America SCORES Seattle!  Our website is:

Seattle Scores Cup Soccer Tournament Schedule

Updated 7/11/2012

Saturday, July 21
Group Date  Time Field Home Vs. Away
Men's Group A 21-Jul 9:00 AM Field 2 Microsoft Dao   Russell
Men's Group B 21-Jul 10:30 AM Field 2 Microsoft Beadle   Starbucks
Co-Ed 21-Jul 12:00 PM Field 2 Sounders   Costco
Men's Group A 21-Jul 1:30 PM Field 2 PSE   Microsoft Dao
Men's Group B 21-Jul 3:00 PM Field 2 Starbucks   UPS
Co-Ed 21-Jul 4:30 PM Field 2 Costco   Microsoft
Sunday, July 22
Group Date  Time Field Home Vs. Away
Men's Group A 22-Jul 9:00 AM Field 5 Russell   PSE
Men's Group B 22-Jul 10:30 AM Field 5 UPS   Microsoft Beadle
Co-Ed 22-Jul 12:00 PM Field 5 Microsoft   Sounders
Semi-Finals A 22-Jul 1:30 PM Field 5 Group A 1st Group B 2nd
Semi-Finals Co-Ed 22-Jul 3:00 PM Field 5 Co-Ed 2nd   Co-Ed 3rd
Semi-Finals B 22-Jul 4:30 PM Field 5 Group B 1st Group A 2nd
5th - 6th Place 22-Jul 6:00 PM Field 5 Group A 3rd Group B 3rd
Sunday, August 5
Group Date  Time Field Home Vs. Away
Co-Ed 5-Aug 10:45 AM Xbox Pitch Co-Ed 1st   Winner Semi-Final Co-Ed
Mens 5-Aug 12:45 AM Xbox Pitch Winner Semi-Final A Winner Semi-Final B